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Meeting Minutes – April 28, 2008

Present: Jim Dontje, Lauren Fulner, Colin Gettle, Lisa Heldke, Al Molde, Kayla Tacke, Andi Twiton To Go Box Rollout Ideas In the absence of Dining Services Director Steve Kjellgren, the KC allowed itself to engage in some flights of fancy, “yes-and” thinking, experimental design, and otherwise creative inquiry about how the new returnable to-go box […]

Meeting Minutes – April 16, 2008

Present: Jim Dontje, Judy Douglas, Laurne Fulner, Lisa Heldke, Steve Kjellgren, Joe Lencioni, John Mattson, Al Molde, Kayla Tacke Reports from Steve The “Seville Fair” held in the dining room on Wednesday, April 9, produced a healthy serving of positive response as well as “some of the usual grumbling” about the additional sound (entertainment) in […]