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Yes, Rene Descartes, the mind IS connected to the body!

And this study shows another absolutely astonishing way in which the connection apparently works. A psychologist has shown that there is a significant correlation between what we believe we have eaten and how our metabolism responds. In an experiment, clinical psychologist Alia Crum found that people who believed they’d consumed a 650-calorie milkshake experienced a […]

The World Food Clock

From a colleague in Food Studies and Anthropology: How much food is being consumed around the world right now? It’s a vast question that can be answered by the World Food Clock. This interesting website draws on information provided by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and presents a streaming […]

Kitchen Cabinet Minutes February 17 2014   Present: Jess Burggraf, Jim Dontje, Margo Druschell, George Elliot, Mark Hanson, Rebecca Hare, Lisa Heldke, Steve Kjellgren, Meghan Krause, Charlie Potts, Laura Shilling, Jeff Stocco, Rebecca Welp [missing?]   Welcome and introduction: Meghan Krause, Wellness Director. Meghan discussed the fact that this new initiative—her position—is being met with […]