About Kitchen Cabinet


To serve as an advisory body to Dining Services Director, and to the staff of the Dining Service. This strictly advisory committee will:

  • consult with the Director, at his/her request, on matters that involve ethical, socio-political, dietary, or pedagogical uses of the Dining Service;
  • examine the role of the Dining Service in the College‚Äôs mission, and make recommendations about that role;
  • support the work of the Dining Service in its work for the mission of the institution, by educating the community, both formally and informally, about that work


  • The group will meet once a month
  • In addition, the Director may convene the group (electronically or physically), in order to discuss issues that require immediate attention.


The committee will include representation from relevant student organizations, academic departments, and administrative divisions. Members are invited by the Dining Service Director or his/her representative.