Meeting Minutes – September 27, 2007

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Present: J. Alvarez, J. Dontje, J. Douglas, L. Heldke, B. Johnson, C. Johnson Groh, S. Kjellgren, A. Molde, A. Twiton

  1. NOTE: NEXT MEETING MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 3:30 in the Heritage Room. This is a CHANGE from the earlier schedule, that had our meeting during Reading Break.
  2. From the Director:
    1. Steve reminded members about the video conference on sustainable dining to be held on November 14. Sign up with him if you’d like to be present. Refreshments, of course.
    2. Steve reviewed and elaborated the basic functions of the Dining Service, and the path it took to reach this design. He highlighted some of the various ways that the Dining Service is innovative, and is doing important work, particularly on the environmental front.
      1. He emphasized three elements of student feedback that governed their design: equity (“pay as you eat”), accessibility (more hours) and waste. He noted that this design has been extremely successful in addressing all three concerns. (Food waste, e.g., dropped 80%.)
      2. Questions, comments from committee members: Discussion focused on how to tout the real strengths and successes of the Dining Service and how to use the current work as a platform for education.
        1. How could we get some info into the Nobel Conference literature?
        2. What about info on the Gustavus web page?
  3. Items on our plate—and persons/organizations currently working on them
    To facilitate networking and further action, here’s a list of ideas we’ve generated and people who seem to be taking on particular issues. I’ve extemporized a lot here. (Let me know if your name is erroneously placed next to an item—or if it should be placed next to an item.)

    • To-go boxes: PAs (Judy Douglas), Servant Leaders (Andi Twiton), Greens (Caleb Phillips), SHIFT (Kristin Knudson and Lauren Fulner), Jim Dontje
      • Andi: surveying other institutions, researching “carbon footprint” of various to go options
      • Judy working with PAs and Servant Leaders to create some once/month “no box” days, or “come back to the caf” events
      • Cindy: explore the idea of a to-go-box “ration.”
      • Perhaps a survey of diners, with questions like “how do you eat at home?” “what keeps you from (or in) the dining service here?” (Bruce’s idea)
      • Nutrition: Jackie Alvarez, George Elliott, June Kloubec
      • Question on the table: what’s the best way to get USABLE nutrition knowledge in students’ hands? Options range from posting nutrition info, to presenting “today’s healthy pick,” to….
      • [Lisa’s injected idea: what about some trial runs of a couple of these ideas? Any takers?]
      • Taste, cuisine: Lisa Heldke, June Kloubec
      • Unclaimed idea: create “theme” meals that encourage people to “eat outside the box,” both in the sense of staying in the caf, and also in the sense of eating unconventional foods. Have these sponsored by particular organizations (so Dining Service doesn’t take the heat)
      • Unclaimed idea: draw upon the expertise of international students. Perhaps a faculty member could pair with an international student to approach the Dining Service to do an event.
      • Marketing, education, outreach: Bruce Johnson, Lisa Heldke, Jim Dontje, Andi Twiton
      • Lisa:
        • Contacted Gwen Freed regarding a position; haven’t heard back from Gwen yet.
        • Contacted the Nobel folks, and had that info forwarded to Kelvin Miller
        • Contacted Jerry Nowell re: the webpage
      • Andi: contacting Princeton Top Twenty about what sort of position they might have on staff
      • Jim: has gathered names of foundations that might be interested in funding such a position, were we to develop one
      • Other: contact Gwen Freed and Brian Koeneman about the possibility of an intern working in her office, doing this work.
      • Other:
        • Fund raising opportunities for organizations: pizza delivery, subs, etc.
        • Inter-faith forum is interested in thinking about ways that Dining Service can be welcoming to people of all faiths

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