Meeting Minutes – October 29, 2007

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Present: Lisa Heldke, Caleb Phillips, Kristin Knudson, Kira O’Bradovich, Amy Fude, Jim Dontje, Al Molde, Judy Douglas, Steve Kjellgren, Jackie Alvarez, Bruce Johnson

  1. Internships – Jim is receiving applications for two spring semester interns. Short-term funding is from his office. Although academic credit is left open, most likely these will be one-credit internships.
  2. “To Go” Boxes – Judy will revise and distribute a survey to a small sample of students, faculty, and staff who use ‘to-go’ boxes. Survey results will be reviewed and a second version of the survey distributed to perhaps 100 ‘to go’ users. Steve will provide an incentive to those who complete the initial survey.
  3. “To Go” Data – Information gathered from 19 schools regarding their policies and experiences with “to go” alternatives will be explored at a future date. It appears most are facing the same issues and all are in search of a workable solution.
  4. Reusable contain footprints – It was agreed that additional information was needed about total impact of various reusable container alternatives.
  5. Corporate Responsibility – Hank Toutain asked the KC group to investigate social responsibility statements and actions as expressed by various college vendors. We had questions regarding Hank’s request and the boundaries of the KC’s responsibilities and tasks. For now, it was agreed that Steve would contact 15 to 20 vendors/distributors asking for their statements of corporate citizenship/responsibility. Lisa will ask similar questions to Ken Westphal and Karin Zins. And, we will see where it goes from there.

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