Meeting Minutes – February 25, 2008

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Present: Stacey Gerken, Al Molde, Colin Gettle, Jim Dontje, Judy Douglas, Lauren Fulner, Kayla Tacke, Steve Kjellgren

Guest: Richard Leitch

  1. Richard apprised the committee of the May Day! theme – “Troubled Waters” and the desire to take bottled water out of the Market Place for that day. He questioned whether taking bottled water out of service for the entire week was a possibility – Steve didn’t respond but thought to himself, “that might be a stretch – I think one day is sufficient”. Richard also asked if informational signage could be placed prominently in the Market Place indicating the amount of water it takes to produce various food items. The committee was supportive if the information was for FYI purposes and not necessarily seeking consumer behavior change. As plans progress, Richard will be in contact and has the support of the Kitchen Cabinet in using the Market Place as an educational venue.
  2. Jim gave an energy challenge update and indicated electricity usage on campus is down 5-10% for the month – however, there is some question as to the accuracy of the February 2007 comparison data. Steve explained that beverage vending machines are monitored annually to make sure commissions gleaned from their use at least covers the cost to run them. Jim indicated there may be additional efficiencies to be gained in this area.
  3. Much ado about to-go boxes: Reusable containers revisited – lively discussion ensued. Steve showed a couple of examples of containers that could be used in lieu of cardboard or Market Place dishes and then returned to the dishroom to be cleaned thus meeting MN food code stipulations. A “green club” membership deposit was discussed with deposits being returned if a certain percentage of the containers remained at the end of the academic year. Ideas for managing the program flowed and cabinet members promised to contemplate the “what if’s” and “we could’s” resulting in a working model in place for the 08-09 academic year.
  4. Colin reported on his internship (lower case i) progress. He has met with Rick Prososki, Dining Service purchaser, and is identifying food sources for several hundred inventoried food items. He will hold office hours on Tuesday, 12-2, Wednesday, 2:30-3:30, and Thursday, 12-2. Steve volunteered that 75-80% of food items are purchased “intentionally”. That is, for reasons of proximity, or concerns of society and/or environment. Thinking while he writes, he wonders if we should establish some hierarchy of intentionality?
  5. Steve reported on the smashing success of the recent Sustainable Farming Conference held on campus at which he and Chef Jake joined gentlemen from Lunds/Beyerly’s and the USDA on a panel discussing “Peace with the Big Box”. Jim suggested the relationship between the college and the sustainable farming group ought to be further developed.

Next Meeting: March 10 at 7:30 – President’s Dining Room

Adjourned: 5:35 pm

Respectfully Submitted: Steve Kjellgren – Secretary pro-tem


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