Meeting Minutes – March 31, 2008

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Present: Chris Ditlevson, Jim Dontje, Stacey Gerken, Lisa Heldke, Steve Kjellgren, Andi Twiton

To-go containers

Steve reports that he’s in heavy negotiations with two Gustie-related companies at present, and has decided to purchase 1000 of them from his own budget. However, others who are interested can make contributions. Senate, Sponberg Chair volunteered to put in some symbolic amounts. Perhaps we can have the containers stamped with something that says “sponsored by…” the way church hymnals are.

Mind Your Health Week

PAs are hosting “Mind Your Health” week, which will feature (among other events) a linen-tablecloth dining option on Thursday, April 10. Bring your tray to one of the formal dining rooms, and eat by candlelight

Also that week, on Wednesday, April 9th, Rachel Slater, from the Counseling Center, will be giving a presentation entitled, “Eating Your Way to Mental Health”.

Internship report

Colin was ill and unable to attend the meeting. He sent a report electronically.

Dining Service hierarchy of priorities

Lisa observed that many of our discussions during the year have come up against a question of how we prioritize our different commitments. She coerced people into naming their highest dining service priorities, in an artificial “If I ran the Dining Service” exercise. Steve shook his head in horror at our naivete. Be that as it may, here are some of the priorities identified:

  • Predominance of fresh, or prepared-from-fresh foods
  • Healthy, nutritious food
  • Making meat-free options easy and affordable
  • Educating diners’ palates

Steve observed that task of educating diners isn’t primarily a Dining Service job—and that addressing consumer preferences is. We discussed, briefly, how we might be more systematic and structured about doing the educational work that would enable students to use food as a way to educate themselves about health, environment, ethics, taste. To be continued! This might be a place in which the KCab can and even should speak out where Dining Service can’t.

What have we talked about this year?

A spinoff discussion led us to make a laundry list (grocery list?) of the kinds of issues that have come before us this year. They include:

  • Corporate responsibility
  • Educational opportunities
  • Environment
  • Post consumer waste (To go containers, anaerobic digesters)
  • Pre consumer waste (composting, animal feeding)
  • Local foods
  • Health and nutrition
  • Allergens
  • Eating in balance
  • Social life and food
  • Dine in, not out!

Other, announcements

Jim announced that two vans from Gustavus will be attending (okay, the people IN the vans will be attending) the UMACS conference in Iowa, April 18-19. See the emailing from him with details about the conference, which will feature a sustainable food presentation.


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