March is National Nutrition Month

Posted on March 17th, 2009 by

Nutrition is so important in our lives it does not get just one day to be recognized like Valentine’s Day, but a whole month. As a dietitian, I wish every day was “treat my body right and feed it what it needs,” thus celebrating nutrition every day of the year.

The basics are nothing we all have not heard: balance, variety, and moderation. Those of you that have heard me speak on campus also know that there are no “bad” or “good” foods, it all fits into your meal plan.

I love it when I am challenged by a student or staff member with the comment: how do I eat healthy here? Oh, let me show you the ways. We are so lucky to have available to us fresh fruits and vegetables,  meat that is prepared in a tasty manner, a great offering of side dishes, many dairy choices and my personal favorite, dessert.

  • If you are vegetarian, that is covered as well with an entree, or your choice to put something together from the various stations.
  • If you need more fat that day, you can certainly choose something fried, if you don’t want so much fat, you  have the choice of something baked.
  • I encourage choosing some type of protein for lunch and dinner, then building around that with vegetables, grains and fruit.
  • Calcium is an important mineral for all ages and you can either have milk with your meals or yogurt as an in-between meal snack.
  • And don’t forget a little fat, it is not the villain that it is made out to be.

If you monitor your own hunger/fullness cues, you may decide to save your fruit for a quick mid morning snack and if you need a little fat you can add some peanut butter on that apple.

As you notice my theme is choice; it is what you decide your body needs. Happy National Nutrition Month!


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