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Low carbon choices at the table

Here’s some handy information from the folks at the University of California Davis: Science for Stewardship and Human Wellbeing Food and Global Warming: The “Hotspots” What the research tell us… Highest energy and greenhouse gas emissions are associated with: Livestock-related methane and nitrous oxide emissions Synthetic nitrogen fertilizers Heated greenhouse production Air freight Post-retail, consumer […]

It’s not just miles that count.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all our food were locally grown? Wouldn’t the world be a better place? Well, not necessarily. As a study at the University of Wales showed, the energy used in transporting food to market represents just a tiny fraction of the energy used to grow food. Conventionally raised foods (i.e. raised […]

Sweden: on the forefront of “climate-friendly food”

Swedish authorities develop guidelines on climate-friendly food choices June 18, 2009 From Swedish News on Climate Change: Swedish authorities are the first in Europe to develop guidelines on climate-friendly food choices. The Swedish National Food administration has been working with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to produce food recommendations that include information on the impact […]

Guide to Creating Digital Signage Images

Dining Services has embarked on a pilot project with GTS to provide digital signs in the Market Place. The sign simply rotates through a series of images. To get your message on the sign, you must create an image and submit it to Dining Services for approval and inclusion in the rotation. If you’d like […]