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7:15am – Jackson Campus Center – St. Peter Room

Present: Mike Stehlik, Joe Lencioni, Steve Kjellgren, Susan Kranz, Rebecca Welp, Judy Douglas, Sujay Rao

Discussion about who is unrepresented or under represented – Can the Greens be more ‘front and center’?  Suggestion to invite Stephanie Otto from HES.  Big Hill Farm?…Jordan is on the KC member list and Jim D. is the advisor so we should be covered.  Student Senate?  It would be nice to have representation on the KC so they could report and get feedback from the greater student senate/student body.  Trainers?  Either professional staff or students? – could bring perspectives from competitive athletes and eating for performace

Joe gave a report on who would be participating with table presentation at the Nobel Conference – around the perimeter of the Blue Courts in Lund Forum – looks like a diverse and very interesting group – be sure to attend.

Steve suggested the Minnesota Food Forum on Tuesday evening at 6:30pm (immediately following the screening of Farming Forward – a film by student Ethan Marxhausen and Professor Martin Lang) in Lund Center will be quite informative and dynamic….and cordial.  Be sure to attend.

Steve reported on Global Insight 2010: Food.  What is Global Insight and how did it get started and what hopes are there for its continuation?  Joe has been very helpful with producing a web presence and all Kitchen Cabinet members are encouraged to contact Steve or Deborah D-M if they have food related programming going on in their respective areas or if they hear of such from other areas.  Food related items posted to the Gustavus calendar should include a tag:  Global Insight: Food  …..  this will automatically link the item to the Global Insight calendar as well.  It was suggested that Barbara Kaiser would be the contact person to identify food related January term courses that could be linked to the Global Insight web page.  Steve promised there would be a really big announcement coming soon about some major programming that will fit in nicely with Global Insight: Food.

Judy reported on the hope to bring Ann Cooper, accomplished chef activist, to campus for a Spring lecture.  It sounds as if  ‘our people are talking with her people’ and hopefully we can strike a deal.

The Greens would like to coordinate educational sessions or tables re:  Equal Exchange Bananas, Tiny Footprint Coffee, Cage Free Eggs, Grass Fed beef, Free Range Turkey, etc.  Steve has the contact information for each of these entities – Greens should request them from him and identify dates for the education sessions/tables so they can be added to the Global Insight calendar.

Peer Assistants are highlighting Nutrition this year and will be adding related information to Once Upon a Potty. – Judy to coordinate with Steve/George E.

Greens report Food Inc. is playing at the St. Peter Community Center on October 7th.  They will be leading a group walk down to see the film at 6:30pm – meet at the 3 Flags.

It was noted that the breakfast was delicious and all were certain Jim Dontje would have enjoyed it.  Meeting Adjourned 8:30 am.

Respectfully submitted – Steve Kjellgren – Secretary pro tempore


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