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Present: Anna D., Susan K., Sujay R., Jim D., Christopher H., Steve K.

Per the agenda, the bulk of discussions surrounded the Good Food For All event being coordinated by Barb Larson Taylor on February 12 and 13. Those present considered ways in which the KC might be helpful in coordinating and in staffing portions of the event. The Greens will consider coordinating a Film festival, Anna volunteered her assistance especially concerning Farmers Markets – Steve to give Barb contact information for Anna -, Jim is working with Barb directly on the event, Christopher will look into bringing a nutrition speaker into the mix if her schedule allows it. Members thought the Dining Service might highlight a ‘market basket’ of foods currently purchased with intent (for whatever reason) and among the list of table displays should be Tiny Footprint Coffee, Free Range Turkey/Beef farmers, Equal Exchange Representatives (bananas), and Big Hill Farm?

Christopher is very enthusiastic about the latest Nutrition Expert (apologies – can’t recall her name) lecturer that might be brought to campus in the Spring. While he was thinking March, he will look into the possibility of connecting with the February event.

Discussion about a film project concerning nutrition at Gustavus. Christopher will talk to the g-free group to see if this is a project they might be interested in producing. This would be a portion of the greater Wellness initiative talked about formerly by the Dean of Student’s Office. We won’t wait for them but our part should be ‘plug-n-play’ into a larger, future product.

Anna, Jim, Christopher reaffirmed the important role Dining Service can play (does play) in the education of liberal arts students. Practicing life skills of budgets and consumerism, forming value positions about environment and society, and even broadening palate knowledge – all important areas of education and all supplement classroom and textbook education.

Steve mentioned Ann Marie Gronhovd’s French class revolving around food in France and a cooking component. There are also several other courses acknowledging the Global Insight: Food theme being offered in January and in the Spring term. Talk is out about bringing the classes together for a ‘pot luck’ near the end of the terms – each to bring it’s own perspective and relationship with food to the table.

Jim announced a garden/farm course that has been approved for Spring term – already has strong interest with few remaining openings for students. Hope is for building the curriculum for future such courses.

Continued talk of composting and all agree that should a manageable, efficient concept or plan float to the surface, the college would support such an effort. Warren W., Steve, and Jim continue to consider ways in which this could happen though funding of the program and ownership of it (who does the work) will remain questions even when the theory and practical details have been worked out.

December KC meeting will be re-scheduled and will include (hopefully) a presentation from Barb Larson Taylor concerning Good Food For All and how the KC can be most helpful.

Steve wished Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels to all!

Respectfully submitted – Steve Kjellgren


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