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A Subversive Plot

Rober Doiron talks about the increasing importance of people growing vegetable gardens.

The Impracticality of a Cheeseburger…

I guess I never thought of it this way…it is incredibly impractical…in fact…why does it exist?

Meeting Minutes — November 7, 2011

Present: Molly Yunkers, Steve Kjellgren, Lisa Heldke, Jeff Stocco, Joe Lenocini, Alex Christensen , Ben Batz, Caitlyn Robb, Josh Sande, Brooks Stapleton , Mike Stalik, Christine Tenhoff , Adam Lugsch-Tehle, Steve Bennett, Bob Douglas, Jim Dontje , Judy Douglas, George Elliott Kitchen Cabinet first addressed any concerns members may have as we are looking at […]

Fatty Foods as Addictive as Cocaine in Studies After reading this article, I began to wonder what role we play, as an institution, in regard to our food choices given to our students. In student affairs there is constant attention and programming in place to handle substance abuse, but what about food abuse? Should we be bringing this abuse to the floor […]

Lexicon of Sustainability

From the website: Words are the building block for new ideas. They have the power to activate change and transform societies. The Lexicon project is based on a simple premise: people can’t be expected to live more sustainable lives if they don’t even know the most basic terms and principles that define sustainability. For the […]

Meeting Minutes — October 10, 2011

Attendance: Jim Dontje, Bob Douglas, Judy Douglas, Kristina Fosse, Renee Hoppe, Joe Lencioni, Steve Bennett, Jeff Stocco, Josh Sande, Chad Graham, Brooks Stapleton, Steve Kjellgren, Lisa Heldke, Christine Tenhoff,  George Elliott Guest: Ben Baatz Director’s report Beverage contract – Note the front page article on the current issue of The Gustavian Weekly.  Not a lot […]

Gustavus Food Partner Sysco – Sustainable Seafood

Congratulations to Sysco for taking steps to make our seafood offerings sustainable and responsible – as well as nutritious and tasty!! Sept. 19, 2011 Sysco Corporation announced earlier today that it has pledged to assess its current seafood supply and to develop ways to improve the sustainability of its seafood-buying practices and standards by 2015, […]

Movie: Truck Farm

Thursday, October 6 – 7:00 p.m. at the Treaty Site History Center Filmmakers Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis transformed granddad’s ’86 Dodge into a traveling 20-member CSA. They planted between the wheel wells with arugula and tomatoes, parked the truck on a Brooklyn street, and waited for sun and rain to work their charms. When […]

Gustavus Dining Service Earns an A+!

Well, the College Prowler – link here: – contributors think we’re doing a good job anyway…..and just who are those contributors? Why, they’re Gustie students of course!! Thanks Gusties for the vote of confidence and do let us know how things are going by sending a note to !

Meeting Minutes — September 12, 2011

Present: Steve Bennett, James Dontje, Bob Douglas, Judy Douglas, George Elliott, Kristina Fosse, Lisa Heldke, Renee Hoppe, Amelia Holmes, Sarah Hund, Steve Kjellgren, Joe Lencioni, Adam Lugsch-Tehle, Brooks Stapleton, Mike Stehlik, Christine Tenhoff, Greg Wiessner Organizational announcements and intros (10 minutes): SAVE is focusing on issues of food and nutrition for athletes this year Greens’ energy […]