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B.A. Psychology, Gustavus Adolphus College '86
Steven Kjellgren

Originally from International Falls, MN, I came to Gustavus in the fall of 1982, met my future wife Julie in the spring of 1983, married in 1985, and graduated together in the class of 1986. Following graduate studies in Industrial/Organizational Psych at the U of M and UW-Oshkosh, I entered the hospitality industry in various managerial capacities until returning to Gustavus in 1994 as the Dining Service Director.

Julie and I have 3 fantastic children, Matthew, Bethany, and Grace and a menagerie of family pets. I enjoy a wonderful extended family, many, many good friends, my work and co-workers at Gustavus, all athletics, the outdoors, and especially my shack in the woods of Northern Minnesota.
gardening, golf, good food, environmental concerns, mystery, and fantasy and adventure novels


Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes November 2021

Kitchen Cabinet November 16th, 2021 Lisa Heldke, Steve Kjellgren, Jeri Miller, Jen Donkin, Kevin Birr, Mark Hansen, Molly Yunkers, Chuck Niederriter, Tim Born, Karen Yess, Danielle Burger, Peter Maiers, Kari Wallin, Jennifer Warren, Sam Mendosa, Doug Thompson Kitchen cabinet has been meeting for about 15 years.  This is an advisory committee to the Dining Service […]

Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes December 2021

Kitchen CabinetDecember 14th, 2021Lisa Heldke, Steve Kjellgren, Jeri Miller, Jen Donkin, Kevin Birr, Molly Yunkers, Chuck Niederriter, Tim Born, Karen Yess, Danielle Burger, Kari Wallin, Jennifer Warren, Maria Jennissen, AmeliaIntroductions – 2 new students – Amelia, 2nd year student and Maria Jennissen, a senior and also a PAReportsChef Tim Born-Alumni event – How to make […]

Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes March 2020

Kitchen Cabinet March 9th, 2020 James Dontje, Karen Yess, Collin Carlson, Aviva Meyerhoff, Danielle Burger, Jen Donkin, Jeri Miller, Chuck Niederriter, Molly Yunkers, Steve Kjellgren, Tim Sisk, Peter Maiers, Paul Matzke, Mark Hansen, Bri Jol, Kevin Birr, JJ Akin Sustainability–  Aviva Meyerhoff and Collin Carlson– They are doing work on improvements to the website & […]

February 2020 Meeting Minutes

Kitchen Cabinet February 17, 2020 Emma Nelson, Jen Donkin, Paul Matzke, Steve Kjellgren, Kevin Birr, Molly Yunkers, Danielle Burger, Chuck Niederriter, Bri Jol, Mark Hansen, James Dontje, Lisa Heldke, Jeri Miller, Karen Yess Membership review – Adam Bogen, Charles Keller and Dessa Thomas were removed from the list Food Insecurity Question: Cathy Harms student project […]

December 2019 Meeting Minutes

Kitchen Cabinet December 9, 2019 Steve Kjellgren, Jeri Miller, Lisa Heldke, James Dontje, Mark Hanson, Chuck Niederriter, Molly Yunkers, Jessica Braun, Emma Nelson, Bri Jol, Kevin Birr, Paul Matzke, Ben Menke, Tim Sisk Ben Menke – Student Senate Food Insecurity Project – discussed 40% of students have food insecurities.  Wondering how we can find out […]

November Meeting Minutes

Kitchen Cabinet November 14, 2019 Steve Kjellgren, Jeri Miller, Jen Donkin, Brendon Carlson Sather, James Dontje, Peter Maiers, Alan Meier, Bri Jol, Lisa Heldke, Kendra Held, Aviva Meyerhoff, Audrey Ochtrup-Dekeyrel, Mark Hanson, Paul Matzke Check in from Steve Kjellgren – 1.3 million meals/year served at Gustavus. Where are we coming up short? Johnson Center Sustainability […]

Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes October 14, 2019

Kitchen Cabinet October 14, 2019 Steve Kjellgren, Jeri Miller, Lisa Heldke, Jen Donkin, James Dontje, Mark Hansen, Chuck Niederriter, Danielle Burger, Peter Maiers, Tim Sisk, Audrey Ochtrup-Dekeyrel, Aviva Meyerhoff, Dessa Thomas, Rafael Soriano Campos, JJ Akin, Kevin Birr, Jessica Braun, Guest – Rachel Belvedere Summary of the KC Origin/Intent/Aspirations – Lisa Fall 2007 is when […]

Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes April 2019

Kitchen Cabinet April 8, 2018 Steve Kjellgren, Lisa Heldke, Kevin Birr, Bri Jol, Paul Matzke, Jessica Braun, Chuck Niederriter, Jen Donkin, Jim Dontje, Alan Meier, Danielle Burger, Molly Yunkers, Adam Bogen, Jeri Miller EAC – Groundswell – Bri Good turn out. They did 3 banners with lots of hand prints & one will be hung […]

Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes February 11, 2019

Kitchen Cabinet February 11, 2019 Steve Kjellgren, Bri Jol, Jeri Miller, Evan Jakes, Jen Donkin, James Dontje, Mark Hansen, Chuck Niederriter, Danielle Burger Debrief Senator Smith’s visit Saturday – Jim D Senator Smith came to learn about the Johnson Center, sustainability on campus and meet students & faculty. There were student presentations, faculty were available […]

December 2018 Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes

Kitchen Cabinet December 10, 2018 Steve Kjellgren, Evan Jakes, Jen Donkin, Lisa Heldke, Danielle Burger, Mark Hansen, Molly Yunkers, Kevin Birr, Paul Matzke, Adam Bogen, James Dontje, Chuck Niederriter, Bri Jol Campus Kitchens – Evan Jakes They have a group of 8 in the team ranging from freshmen to seniors & are meeting weekly. Last […]