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Meeting Minutes Kitchen Cabinet April 16, 2012

Kitchen Cabinet April 16, 2012 Present: Joe Lenconi,Jim Dontje, Lisa Heldke, Steve Kjellgren, Molly Yunkers, Judy Douglas ,Bob Douglas, Margo Druschel , Christine Tenhoff , Steve Bennett, Jeff Stocco ,Rebecca, Saskia(representing The Greens), George Elliott The Real Thing Steve updated us on the Coke contract and the reasons behind choosing Coke over Pepsi. The Coke […]

Truly Food for Thought

A refreshing look at some intentionality within Higher-Ed to embrace the realities of the local and global condition of our food systems. Truly Food for Thought

The one minute philosopher: Ray Boisvert on food and philosophy

Here’s one minute (literally) on the role of food in the history of western philosophy, by Ray Boisvert, philosopher at Siena College.