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Kitchen Cabinet

November 12, 2012


Present: Paul Matzke, Lisa Heldke, Steve Kjellgren, Jim Dontje, Margo Druschell, Rebecca Hare, Saskia Raether, Mark Hanson, Steve Bennett, Semyon Rozin,  Judy Douglas, Michael Morimoto, George Elliott


Cross Country Team won the Conference! They are going to Nationals in Indiana. Congratulations!

1. Welcome Back Steve! It is great to have Steve back to work!

2. Student Senate.  Michael Morimoto

Two items which were brought up at Student Senate meeting – why is 5% taken out if you don’t have a meal plan. This pays for things like custodians, billing office, things that are not included in the price of food but still are an expense. You could describe it as “Not on your plate related expenses”.

The second item discussed:  Students who live off campus or in an apartment can’t have a meal plan. Students who have a meal plan have a higher fee percentage wise. If you are off campus you can put money in your meal account as you need to use it, but if you have a set meal plan, then you have to use the money or you lose it. It really is designed to save the off campus student money.

Lisa suggested a FAQ from Student Senate on meal plans may be helpful. This information is out there but the questions need to be asked and perhaps this would help everybody.

3. Wellbeing Committee. Steve Bennett updated the group on the progress of the cooking class.  Erin (Chair of Health and Housing) and Steve were able to meet with Paul and Lisa and it appears as if a plan has been made and the group is heading in the direction of offering something in December.  Erin identified a need that students living off campus are not eating well and perhaps don’t have the skill or knowledge of how to eat well and how this ties into the Well Being program.  It was discussed how nice it would be to create an atmosphere that makes food the center for people to come together. Steve also mentioned they are meeting with Marketing and Communications and other Well Being programs could be marketed in the same manner.  It could also be co-sponsored through Student Senate, Kitchen Cabinet or any other group on campus. The question was also asked if students would pay a fee to attend the event. There would be buy in to the importance of the event, it would highlight food and budget.  Discussion surrounding the meaning behind what we are trying to achieve: bringing students together, having some cooking skills, watching a budget, planning, time management, etc. These are real life skills that our students take with them. The group also felt having the title capitalize on “busy” or “quick” or “meals on a budget” would be more attractive to students. In regards to having a fee attached to the meal, students felt that would not turn people away. If there are more questions you have regarding this event you can contact Steve Bennett, Lisa or Paul. Rebecca suggested marketing it directly to specific houses at first might be helpful.

4.  Coke Grant and RFP Form.  Judy volunteered to be the leader on the Coke grant. Judy is planning on meeting with Deb to help come up with more structure.  Judy will also call together the people that signed up. Judy also suggested a student be invited to serve on that committee, perhaps a student that is working on Well Being or Sustainability would be a good fit. Time line was discussed and it was suggested we look at a February 1, 2013 deadline. If there are people on the committee and they submit a proposal, they would be asked to step out during the decision making process. This procedure can be made clear in the beginning. Also, perhaps having another group review the proposals would be helpful and avoid a conflict of interest.  There will also be a representative from Coke on the committee.

5. Fair Trade Meeting. Margo discussed the recent Fair Trade meeting. The Fair Trade Representatives presented to the Kitchen Cabinet on Friday as well as going to a Senior seminar class and another class on campus. The meetings from the classes brought fourth some interest from students about being a Fair Trade campus. Gustavus is going to move forward and is well on the way to meeting many of the criteria for Fair Trade. Amy Milberger is happy to have anyone else who is interested contact her.

6. Weekly Article. Rebecca discussed the article she wrote for the Weekly regarding food pricing in The Market Place. This was an excellent and well written piece, even though she did have to cut the size of the article down to fit in the Weekly. She wanted to include more student feedback, but was unable to do that due to limited space. She is hoping to do a follow up and have space in the Weekly.  Food costs were discussed and how that all works in the system and how the college board also sets increases. It would be great to put in the FAQ how rates are established.


Mark your calendars – December 10 is the next Kitchen Cabinet Meeting.




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