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November 4, 2013


Present: Rebecca Hare, Jeff Stocco, Jim Dontje, Steve Kjellgren, Lisa Heldke, Margo Druschell, Paul Matzke, George Elliott,Jessica Burggraf


Student Senate Health and Housing Committee had questions and comments for the Dining Service. The following items were discussed at the meeting.


Discussion topic #1: Representation of dining fee to students
-What is the breakdown of students enrolled in the different meal plans?
-How do we eliminate confusion on the part of the general student body as to where their dining dollars are going? Plan to create YouTube videos to post on Dining Service webpage and play on Digital TV’s
-For students who don’t use all of their dining fee, is there an avenue to have it reimbursed to them?
-Should we introduce a lower meal plan option?

#2: Reduce Cafeteria food waste
-Day-old bakery items offered at reduced cost

#3: Can some items exclusively offered in the Courtyard Cafe be offered in the Cafeteria?
-Introduce Greek yogurt to Cafeteria.

#4: Why are there preservatives in certain foods?
-Dining Service doesn’t add preservatives, but they do come in ready-made items, such as pasta and rolls in which there would be preservatives from the Manufacturer.

Non-Student Senate related discussion topics:

#5: Food Recovery Team
-Students should get involved with the community to support the Food Shelf. Possibility to ask if students at the register if they want to donate money to food shelf in the last few days of each month. Also introduce idea to Family Fresh Market.

#6: Vending Machine Responsibility
-Swim Coach Jon Carlson has taken responsibility for the vending machines on campus. Contact him if you have suggestions.


This was an open forum discussion with questions and answers shared by all.


Next meeting is Monday, December 16, 2013.


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