October 2016 Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes

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Kitchen Cabinet
October 17, 2016

Steve Kjellgren, Brady Kelley, Paul Matzke, Patrick Neri, Alan Meier, Jim Dontje, Margo Druschel, Annelise Cox, Molly Yunkers, Michele Rusinko, Jen Donkin, Jeri Miller, Ezra Koetz, Erin Baumann, Jessica Braun, Chuck Niederriter
K C Conversations
Held Wednesdays after this meeting from 11-1 in the Market Place. This month Jim Dontje will do activities related to sustainability awareness – utilizing the energy bike
Next month – Student satisfaction surveys will be done during KC Conversations. Steve Kjellgren will need 394 surveys completed in the Market Place & 196 surveys from the Courtyard Café to be meaningful. Suggest 4 days to be credible. At last months meeting Lisa expressed concern the surveys won’t be helpful, but we don’t have baseline data for moving forward.
Paul Matzke is looking for input for December – Paul will help coordinate and this is a perfect opportunity to get a point across. Erin Baumann suggested meat alternatives – students are often afraid of them, and the cost is more. Suggestion was to do alternative meat taste testing and talk about brain foods and show examples– Erin, Jessica and Jen will assist Paul
Big Hill farm report
Jim said today is supposed to be clean up day, but have not had frost so will have to postpone. Rachel will be working in the greenhouse this winter. There were no returning farmers from last year so some struggles over the summer, but it all came together in the end. The students had a lot of learning opportunities, but not sure if any will return for next summer. Most had 2 jobs last summer on campus and they do get a stipend. 1 or 2 of past gardeners stepped up and gave guidance – Matt Gullickson & another
In midst of 3 year effort using coke funds to develop / reshape so this is a better learning program and possibly more self sufficient. Some summers have made great progress and then lose the expertise and lose ground. Hope to create situation where less work in the garden and add more perennials.
In the past there was a handbook but lost ground on that – need electronic version. What does dining service need, what are ways to get more with less production.
Food studies curriculum – would it be a possibility? We have all of the pieces here, just need to find the framework. There isn’t anywhere we are aware of in other colleges that have something like this in place. If this could be embedded into the curriculum it may be more successful. Alan from Admission – there are families looking for pieces, not specifically seeing students looking for food studies, but more exercise science, health, nutrition. Good vehicle for bringing up topic of sustainability starting with food rather than other aspects. Alan also mentioned at Luther college sustainability is in the admissions process.
Erin has a research project to make an interactive map of sustainability pieces on campus (composters, dining, etc) – Could it be integrated with existing campus map? Have an overlay to offer the sustainability pieces. Suggested to work with GTS.
CSA model was discussed, but some fear of that commitment. Brady suggested – Independent study options – Ideally someone who went through production in the spring.
Fair Trade
October is fair trade month. Margo and Annelise are in contact with equal exchange who provide our fair trade bananas and will have a banana producer on tour coming to St. Peter Oct 26th at the Co-Op. Fair Trade Gustavus, the St Peter Food Co-Op and Equal Exchange have collaborated on this program. A female farmer from a banana co-op in Ecuador, Mariana Cobos, and a local organic farmer, Josh Reinitz, will talk about the impact of farms that are good for farmers, protect the environment, help support thriving communities, and still make a profit. They hope to get posters from the Co-Op to help promote – 6-8 pm in Heritage room. There will be banana themed snacks made with organic fair trade ingredients.

Mankato Area Fair Trade Town Initiative (MAFTTI) will be celebrating their 5th anniversary of – “Mankato-Fair Trade Town” October 27th from 7-9pm at MSU. This is a free event. Mark Ritchie is the keynote speaker discussing how fair trade integrates with the city. There will be morning and afternoon workshops and Margo and Molly will be discussing “Who Makes Your Clothes? Fair Trade vs Fast Fashion”
What has Jen been up to?
Jen & Paul worked with the PA’s to host an open house event October 3rd promoting the Gustavus dining website, nutrition information available and sampling of apples and veggies with hummus. There was also a tabling event Oct 5th promoting healthy meal combinations in the market place that utilize different stations in the cafeteria. Jen has also been keeping busy meeting with students in the health service and updating the Gustavus dining website.

Small Groups – Broke into 3 groups to discuss:
• What makes Gustavus Dining Service Distinctive?
• What would we never want to stop doing?
• What should we consider discontinuing?
• What should we consider doing new?
• What sometimes irritates you in the MarketPlace?


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