Gustieware!!…It’s EVERYWHERE!

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Yes, it’s everywhere all over campus, in residence halls and apartments and classrooms and offices…..just waiting for the kind soul who borrowed it to return it so it can take another tour of campus with another kind soul who will return it to go again and again and again and again…..

It’s also been reported to reside in off-campus houses and apartments in quantities in the THOUSANDS! Yikes!!! Those Gustiewares need a trip up the hill in the worst way….Seniors, Juniors, others living off campus, please pack ’em up and bring ’em back!

Gustieware is also EVERYWHERE across North America – In the minds of dining program directors, in the hopes of students and staff at colleges, hospitals, and Air Force Bases, and also in a WHOLE BIG BUNCH of publications – the latest being the Student Affairs Leader….here’s what they have to say:

Trayless cafeteria follow-up:

In the October 1 issue, we reported the increasing appearance of “trayless” college cafeterias, which do without trays to reduce food waste and water use. Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota uses an approach that reduces waste but keeps the trays.

The college instituted an à la carte pricing plan in response to students’ call for meal price fairness. (In many all-you-can-eat plans, a 240-pound football player pays the same per meal as a 120¬ pound woman.) A survey also revealed that students wanted flexible mealtimes, so the dining hall is open continuously from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and also offers takeout.

However, students also indicated concern about waste. The à la carte pricing helps—the college says that its food waste-processing machinery runs at 10 to 15 percent of what it did before the switch to à la carte pricing. In addition, the cafeteria serves its takeout food in “GustieWare,” reusable containers that are microwave safe and can withstand hundreds of trips through the dining service’s dishwasher.

The à la carte pricing makes predicting dining service finances more difficult, the college admits. In addition, the college’s dining service operates completely in-house, making Gustavus Adolphus’ approach difficult to replicate for campuses using contracted food services.

However, the college’s approach to reducing takeout waste might be the most transferable to other campuses.Gustavus Adolphus says it’s been approached by other campuses for advice on how to create their own versions of “GustieWare.”

Who would have thought our little Gustiewares would have created such a stir and such momentum?

Kudos Gusties! You Just Keep On Shining!!


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  1. Lisa Heldke says:

    Steve, I heard a vicious rumor that GustieWare had replaced cafeteria trays as the “sleds” of choice for students plunging down the hill behind Pittman Hall.

    Kudos to you for the continued good press this is receiving. And let’s hope that some of it makes the trek back to campus. Perhaps J.K. Rowling could come up with some kind of homing device for us….