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Meeting Minutes — November 23

Present: Anna D., Susan K., Sujay R., Jim D., Christopher H., Steve K. Per the agenda, the bulk of discussions surrounded the Good Food For All event being coordinated by Barb Larson Taylor on February 12 and 13. Those present considered ways in which the KC might be helpful in coordinating and in staffing portions […]

The 2010-11 College Sustainability Report Card Gives Gustavus Dining Service an “A”

Gustavus Dining Service and Recycling have received an “A” grade by the College Sustainability Report Card. From the Report Card: Dining services spends more than a third of its food budget on local products. Only fair trade coffee is served on campus; all milk is hormone and antibiotic free, and most seafood is purchased according […]

Meeting Minutes — October 19

Present: Deborah Downs-Miers, Anna Drennen, Joe Lencioni, Jim Dontje, Kim Braun, Steve Kjellgren Those present addressed the following agenda: Meet new member –  Review Nobel from collective perspectives –  President Ohle’s announcement of a food/hunger learning and acting event in February –  Update from Christopher Hall –  What are the Greens up to? –  Big […]

Meeting Minutes — September 28

7:15am – Jackson Campus Center – St. Peter Room Present: Mike Stehlik, Joe Lencioni, Steve Kjellgren, Susan Kranz, Rebecca Welp, Judy Douglas, Sujay Rao Discussion about who is unrepresented or under represented – Can the Greens be more ‘front and center’?  Suggestion to invite Stephanie Otto from HES.  Big Hill Farm?…Jordan is on the KC […]

Food Inc. “Walking Pool”

Are you on campus and interested in watching Food Inc. on Thursday, October 7? The Gustavus Greens are hosting a “walking-pool” (i.e. we walk together) to the Food Inc. viewing at the Saint Peter Community Center on Thursday. Meet at 6:30 at Three Flags.

MarketPlace Specials on Thursday: Bartoshuk and Nestle

Check out how the MarketPlace creative team has turned the research of Marion Nestle and Linda Bartoshuk into entrees!

What Would Bina Agarwal Eat?

An Agarwal-inspired menu in the MarketPlace.

Friedman-inspired fare also on offer in the MarketPlace today!

Check out the Nobel Blog to learn how Jeffrey Friedman inspired one of today’s dishes in the MarketPlace!

Cary Fowler Grass Pea Soup

Today, you have an opportunity to taste something quite rare and special, if you venture over to the soup zone in the MarketPlace. In honor of Cary Fowler (who just won a big prize, for his efforts to preserve biodiversity, btw!), we’re serving Grass Pea Soup. Grass Peas, also called Cicerchia (Lathyrus sativus), are similar […]

It’s Paul Thompson Day in the MarketPlace!

Check out the VariVeggie Zone today, to find the menu inspired by Nobel Conference presenter Paul Thompson. Professor Thompson blogged about one of his favorite summer meals, heirloom tomatoes with cottage cheese and fresh black pepper–and about his dream of opening a restaurant chain called “Fat Elvis.” The Dining Service has recreated that meal here, […]