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Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes 3-23-2010

Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes 3-23-2010 Present: Mike S., Lori S., Sujay R., Joe L., Steve K., Judy D., Bob D., Deborah D-M., Kim B., Susan K., Sara B., The group discussed the well written work of Hannah Twitton that was published in the March 19 issue of the Weekly. Steve hopes that raising awareness of […]

How far did your taco travel?

  Talk about your food miles! According to this study, conducted by students at the California College of the Arts, the ingredients in your “typical taco” (an admittedly troublesome term!) travel, collectively, two and a half times the circumference of the earth to reach “your taco truck.” Admittedly, we in St. Peter HAVE no taco […]

Twinkie Tax: More effective than Salad Sale?

A study by psychologists at SUNY Buffalo suggests that, if you’re interested in encouraging the consumption of nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables, and decreasing the consumption of what are politely referred to as “calorie dense, nutritient-poor foods,” you’ll get further by slapping a tax on the latter, than by decreasing the cost of the […]

Kitchen Cabinet Minutes: 3-1-2010

Present: Joe L., Mike S., Aaron B., Sujay R., Steve K., Judy D., Jim D., Susan K., Sara B., Stacy G., Bob Douglas, and Deborah D.M. Over a breakfast of fruit, lemon cream pancakes, fresh raspberry syrup, bacon, and caramel bran muffins, the group introduced themselves and the particulars of their involvement on the most […]