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Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes 3-23-2010

Present: Mike S., Lori S., Sujay R., Joe L., Steve K., Judy D., Bob D., Deborah D-M., Kim B., Susan K., Sara B.,

The group discussed the well written work of Hannah Twitton that was published in the March 19 issue of the Weekly. Steve hopes that raising awareness of of the non meat diet will lead to organized involvement on campus in terms of nutrition education, ethics of food systems, and ideas to help the Dining Service best meet the needs of this patron group.

Much time was devoted to the work of George Elliott and the ever increasing number of students who present with food allergy/intolerance. Discussion about how best to communicate on-campus resources and how to engage them included: *language on the meal plan contract, *contact during orientation, *training of CF/Greeters, *Web based presentation/greeting from George with information about how to reach her or who to talk to in Dining Service, *inclusion in Fall issue/s of Once Upon a Potty. Bob D. cited the new facilities at Macalester College and how we might take wellness to a level beyond that by centralizing/emphasizing/consolidating wellness services on our campus which would/should obviously include a nutritional health component. (well, I took some liberties here because my notes weren’t so good – thanks Bob)

Judy reported on her meeting with Dean Barb Kaiser re: Global Focus on Food for next academic year. Suggestion was made that we might think about an international food theme for the Back to School Bash meal next Fall – perhaps representative of the nationalities of the incoming international students.

Jim reported that Big Hill Farm work is beginning and is building upon the success of its first year. There remains a location question that is in the throes of resolve – hopefully.

Nobel 2010 – call for exhibits of high quality to perhaps include a Gustavus display featuring Martin Lang’s ‘Farming Forward’ film, a pictorial display of the Big Hill Farm along with storyboard,and a geographical mapping of food items sources used on our campus. (Skylar Davis student project)

Steve voiced his continued appreciation of the Kitchen Cabinet members. He would go so far as saying this group is the greatest collection of minds ever assembled on a single college campus with a focused mission of feeding students bodies and minds with intention.

Respectfully submitted – Steve


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