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MarketPlace Specials on Thursday: Bartoshuk and Nestle

Check out how the MarketPlace creative team has turned the research of Marion Nestle and Linda Bartoshuk into entrees!

What Would Bina Agarwal Eat?

An Agarwal-inspired menu in the MarketPlace.

Friedman-inspired fare also on offer in the MarketPlace today!

Check out the Nobel Blog to learn how Jeffrey Friedman inspired one of today’s dishes in the MarketPlace!

Cary Fowler Grass Pea Soup

Today, you have an opportunity to taste something quite rare and special, if you venture over to the soup zone in the MarketPlace. In honor of Cary Fowler (who just won a big prize, for his efforts to preserve biodiversity, btw!), we’re serving Grass Pea Soup. Grass Peas, also called Cicerchia (Lathyrus sativus), are similar […]

It’s Paul Thompson Day in the MarketPlace!

Check out the VariVeggie Zone today, to find the menu inspired by Nobel Conference presenter Paul Thompson. Professor Thompson blogged about one of his favorite summer meals, heirloom tomatoes with cottage cheese and fresh black pepper–and about his dream of opening a restaurant chain called “Fat Elvis.” The Dining Service has recreated that meal here, […]

Food Inc., Thursday, October 7, 7 p.m.

The Nicollet County Historical Society, St. Peter Community and Family Education, St. Peter Food Co-op, Arts Center of Saint Peter, St. Peter Senior Center, St. Peter Public Library, and St. Peter Recreation Department have teamed up to bring you another documentary film series–Films on First Thursdays. Some films are serious, some are amazing, and a few are just plain […]

Fall 2010 Kitchen Cabinet Meetings

Meeting Dates have been announced for Fall 2010. They will be held at 7:15am in the Campus Center Building and will last approximately 1 hour. Dates are as follows: September 28th, October 19, November 23rd, and December 14th. Gustavus Community members who are interested in joining the KC or who wish to sit in on […]

Malcolm Gladwell on Spaghetti Sauce

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink, gave a TED Talk in 2004 about Howard Moskowitz, spaghetti sauce, the pursuit of universal principles in food, and embracing diversity.

Equal Exchange Bananas! Beyond the Peel

Look for Equal Exchange – Fair Trade bananas in MarketPlace and throughout the Dining Service in 2010-11. Whenever possible, Gustavus will offer Equal Exchange Bananas exclusively – Yea! Read more at Beyond the Peel.