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Kitchen Cabinet
February 13, 2012

Present: Judy Douglas, Bob Douglas, Jeff Stocco, Lisa Hedlke, Mark Hanson, Steve Kjellgren, Steve Bennett, Joe Lenconi, Adam, Jim Dontje, George Elliott

Beverage Contract
The beverage contract has been proposed and submitted to both Coke and Pepsi. Steve met with both Regional Managers, who were intrigued and thought it interesting we would view them as a source of knowledge. The representative from Coke wanted to have a discussion about bottled water as it is an option in our contract to opt out of it. Pepsi is more local and the products are made and bottled here. Coke no longer has local support so we would have to work with them on a more national level, although they may have larger resources and share those with us. As Pepsi is local we may have more flexibility. Steve has not heard back from either Coke or Pepsi. Kathy Tunheim’s marketing class did an excellent job with the beverage contract renewal project. The Kitchen Cabinet was able to view the project and was very appreciative for the input. They did do a taste survey to almost 1100 people on campus and this is summarized in the report. It may be possible to post this information on the blog and the Dining Services home page.
Steve has not heard back from either companies; the deadline is March 7, 2012.
If Coke or Pepsi respond to nothing more than the bottom line – we would give weight to the one that would fit our needs. The survey seemed to indicate a preference towards coke and yet is it that way because that is what we currently have on campus? As a whole we feel we have learned much from this project and how we may engage with other providers in the future.

Food labeling has become a concern from the Mosaic group. Steve and George have gotten several e-mails from concerned students regarding food labeling. This project has been ongoing for over a year and a half and it is getting ready to roll out in a hard copy format as well as an online format.

The Global project continues to move on. Know that some of the recipes may be pretty similar as that is what is available in the region. Students are updating the board. It was noted in the past the Global Insight program has not been widely embraced so hopefully it can move forward and receive more support.

The solar thermal system is on line and was turned on last week. The system is pre heating water for the Student Center.

Compost update: Jim noted they are currently looking for a consultant to help with the project.

Well-being – Steve Bennett reported this project continues to move forward. There is a written draft and plans to submit a final report to the president and then to the cabinet. Once that has been approved it can go out campus wide.


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