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October 15, 2012

Present: Rebecca Hare, Saskia Raether (The Greens), Jeff Stocco, Jim Dontje, Lisa Hedlke, Paul Matzke, Judy Douglas, Steve Bennett, Mark Hanson, Semyon Rozin (PA), George Elliott


Compost Project. Jim reported on the compost project. Proposals were submitted and more discussion and meetings came about right before Nobel. Jim shared a picture of the composter with the group. This particular unit (Earthflow) is around at other colleges, none quite as cold as us, but just as windy. This unit is affordable as well. We are now trying to decide what else we need, a concrete pad or more of a shelter. Jim added his thanks to Dining Service as they had the pleasure of weighing the waste. Jim is anticipating this to be up and running sometime this spring. Jim also noted that we have two administrators (Director of Dining Service and Director of Facilities) that also see their role as educational and that has been helpful in getting certain projects up and running.  The tray less system was brought up as Judy was hosting health educators; their schools are tray less. We discussed again that we are an ala carte system and most of these schools are all you can eat systems and some are also run by a company, so they are looking at less food waste. We need to continue to educate and encourage those that want to go tray less it is an option for them, but it does not have to be for everybody.

The Well Being Initiative. Steve gave us an update on his discussion with Erin (who is out ill). Erin and Steve brainstormed, Steve wants it to be something the students are interested in and the students are leading. Erin was taking this to the Student Senate and Steve believes there are other students interested. Erin is also interested in partnering with the food co-op. Cooking together, preparing a meal – there is not a ton of movement but we are starting to expand the base and get things rolling.

Coca-Cola Scholarship. Lisa discussed the draft that Deborah Goodwin put together for the Coca-Cola scholarship.  Jim has already had one inquiry about the procedure for funds. Some discussion regarding the amount of funds per person – would there be an open ended cap on the money, or could there be a certain amount of money set aside for smaller projects. Could it be worded that we would not limit at either end. Could the funds also be used to travel to receive other education? We want to see it used for direct application. Judy brought up a great example regarding taking a group of students up to see how a Wellness program runs at General Mills, could the funds be used for travel expenses – the students would be responsible for sharing how their experience would benefit our campus. The amount of money we have to work with is $20,000.00. Our most useful conversation may be to keep generating conversation regarding how to use the funds. Could it be a student faculty project? It would be also helpful to the committee how this would have an impact. It is hard to measure impact, but it is also helpful. This is a scholarship about impact and it is also about research. It would be great to get something going this year and have everyone understand that it is a trial year. If it is a group of students that are interested, it might be helpful to have an advisor. Creative scholarship inquiry – tied into that as well.

Banana Meeting. The Banana Fair trade growers are meeting with KC this coming Friday at 7:00 am.

Conservation bio class. Where do we get our fish from? The group referred Saskia to our purchasing agent, Rick in Dining Service.


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