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Meeting Minutes — March 12, 2012

Present: Lisa Heldke, Judy Douglas, Bob Douglas, Steve Kjellgren, Jeff Stocco, Christine Tenhoff, Jim Dontje, Joe Lencioni, Aaron Banks, Josh Sande, Rebecca Hare We heard from Christine about her J-Term independent study on food as medicine. Following, we broke into executive session to discuss the beverage provider proposals.

Food Rx: A Review and Critical Analysis

I wrote a literature review during my independent study over J-Term on Food Rx. My paper is titled Food Rx: A Review and Critical Analysis. From the paper: Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician (460BC-370BC) once said “Let food by thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” This ancient but true statement has long been forgotten in […]

Beverage Provider Request for Proposals

Following 14 months of soliciting community input into content for the Request for Proposals, the RFP was sent out to Pepsi and Coke in late January 2012 and has been responded to by both companies. Director of Dining Service, Steve Kjellgren and Vice President – Finance, Ken Westphal are grateful for the valuable content that […]

Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes February 13, 2012

Kitchen Cabinet February 13, 2012 Present: Judy Douglas, Bob Douglas, Jeff Stocco, Lisa Hedlke, Mark Hanson, Steve Kjellgren, Steve Bennett, Joe Lenconi, Adam, Jim Dontje, George Elliott Beverage Contract The beverage contract has been proposed and submitted to both Coke and Pepsi. Steve met with both Regional Managers, who were intrigued and thought it interesting […]

Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes December 12, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet December 12, 2011 Present: Lisa Hedlke, Adam Lugsch-Tehle, Dillion Hall, Judy Douglas, Bob Douglas, Steve Kjellgren, Jeff Stocco, Josh Sande, Steve Bennett, Christine Tenhoff, Jim Dontje, George Elliott Briefly discussed International students being here over break and what their options are for obtaining food. Dining Service is available to assist our International students […]