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Kitchen Cabinet
February 26th, 2018
Steve Kjellgren, Sarah Mersch, Gwen Saliares, Kevin Birr, Jen Donkin, Jeri Miller, Alan Meier, Chuck Niederriter, Lisa Heldke, Mark Hanson, Jessica Braun, Jim Dontje
Round table – Introductions of new members
Presidents Environmental Sustainability Council (PESC) – Jim D
PESC representatives – Steve, Jeri, Jim, Gwen & others meet monthly focusing on Gustavus Acts Strategy 3.7- Implement environmental stewardship and sustainability principles and practices across the College. They are working on shaping long & short term goals that are data & communication oriented. Steve is looking into data on the steam controls on the hoods in the kitchen, looking at energy & cost impact of summer programs. Another example Beck is using 3-4 x more water than sewer charges and they are looking into that as well. The council wants to dedicate staff resources to a conservation piece and also want to play a role in orientation or a time a little later in the year to orient new Gusties to the program. They may look at rejuvenating old campaigns– focusing on lights out, turn water off, etc.
Any questions to the committee can be sent to Jim or Gwen. There is also a website with information on PESC: https://sites.google.com/gustavus.edu/pesc/home
Earth Week – Steve K
Environmental fair Thurs April 19th. Will plan to keep it small due to outdoor day on the 22nd & have a few easy to do activities to promote the Outdoors Day event.
Outdoors day in Arboretum April 22nd – Gewn S
Earth day event – “Discover the Outdoors”, organized by the president of the fly fishing club. Will have outdoor/environmental science clubs work together to have activities for local youth – physics, geology, etc. Gustie buddies & big partner/little partner will attend and local 4H & DNR are also publicizing. Gwen is asking if Kitchen Cabinet can be involved. Each organization will have an activity – preferably most representation of your organization. Suggestions for Kitchen Cabinet – Recycling basketball suggested by Paul Matzke, outdoor cooking classes / solar cooker, dutch oven cooking, and smores in solar outdoor cooker. Will discuss further at the March KC meeting.
Nobel LIV – Lisa – Living Soil, a universe under foot – October 2nd and 3rd
Reading groups – some will be free standing or embedded in classes to help get folks interested in the Nobel Conference. Consider also having one involved in kitchen cabinet where the group could read an article & discuss at kitchen cabinet meetings. Lisa will send out a PDF of a portion of the chapters prior to the meeting for the group to discuss. Another way to help promote Nobel – follow on Facebook & get others to follow and support Nobel. Also look at the Nobel Gustavus Webpage to learn more about it- Jim D. has a 12 page essay. First year reading program next year – “Good Food Revolution” by Will Allen.

Margaret A Cargill Educational Funds– Lisa/Jim/Steve
$4K educational Funding : Part of funding went to purchasing the new recycle/composting bins. Part of the funding is to go to education on using the bins with a video project. This video project was selected by marketing as a one of their spring projects. Question was posed could we use this internally & externally? Per Steve K. this could be used on the TV screens in the dining room. Steve is waiting to hear back from marketing for next steps. Will involve students in this project.
Recycling Bins – had funding for first round and $30K request was put in capital projects for next year for 2nd year halls – Rundstrum, Uhler, academic buildings. It didn’t make the A cut but still a priority 1. There is strong support to help move this on.
Four compost bins are in Jackson Center & Dining Services maintains these bins, at this point facilities is not able to support this campus wide.
Discussion on signage for the bins to help in the education – would something up higher be easier to see/follow than where they are currently low on the bins? The signs were put above the bins in residential halls. The key to success with this is Res Life and the CF’s in helping in the education and promotion of the recycling bins. Also would be helpful to include this topic in first year seminars and orientation, Gustie Gear Up and be supported multiple times later. Another suggestion was to make videos and power points that others could incorporate in classes & other opportunities for education on recycling on campus. There is a member from res life on the sustainability council.

News from Dietitian – Jen D
Working on creating accommodation form for the requests to streamline the process. Continue to meet with students in Health Service and analyze recipes for Dining Service.

Save for next meeting:
Challenges from operator – Kevin B
Nobel Hall Café / Marketing Student Survey

Next Meeting: March 19th


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