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Kitchen Cabinet
October 15, 2018
Kevin Birr, Molly Yunkers, Lisa Heldke, Paul Matzke, Chuck Niederriter, Alan Meier, Danielle Burger, Jim Dontje, Bri Jol, Jen Donkin

Rafael Soriano – Campus Kitchens at Gustavus?
Ideas becoming more viable, has spent a lot of time in Mankato with Campus Kitchens. Very difficult to duplicate that model in our setting.
Paul/Kevin – Article from California food reclamation efforts
In MN food comes from second harvest or Fare For All. Both have similar type concepts. How do the ideas in the article connect with us? Possibly similar to what Rafael is trying to do. Definitely the future to repurpose food either in the area, for animals, etc. The big stumbling block is being able to tell the receiver what & how much we will have to donate. Fare for all is an ideal option open to all people, no matter what income – can pre-order and pay for on line & just pick up. Other issue is pre-consumer waste which we won’t have a big impact on. Unfortunately this is looked at for people in need vs fixing systems to decrease food waste. It is very complicated to figure out how it should work.
Lisa – Putting soil and the underfoot universe to bed
Looking at climate change topic for Nobel conference next year. Some have asked if there are ways the food could mirror/embody how do we respond to climate change and how should our diet change in light of that. Consider crops that grow well in a particular region? Locally grown? Source of protein and how that can hurt the climate. Could also look at a version of the ?fast meal – some get a steak meal, some get rice & beans and others get cloudy water using a lottery type system. Could also look at food from different regions of the world impacted by climate change. Another suggestion – let people choose from which region of the world they want to eat at. What is the role of the banquet at the end of a conference like that? Is it more for the speakers & those on campus who helped put on the conference? Easier to plan food if have tickets purchased ahead vs day of. This year had 200 hundred at the banquet vs 800 in the past. We didn’t have a speaker at the meal which may have been a factor.
Another thing to consider – what will we be able to point to when asked what the campus is doing about climate change. Look into having a sub-committee to look into this related to the food and another for facilities. How do we educate our dining staff on the benefits of Nobel as well as more about the subject topic of Nobel to be able to converse with customers. One suggestion – do a Nobel preview for dining service staff & also ask how can we help them & what should they know as well as what is going to happen at the conference.
Another suggestion – Meet and greet with speakers & staff working the event to help learn about the topics and be involved. Or, have TED Talks available earlier in the semester (?August) pushed out to employees with small bits of information about the Nobel topic.

Kevin – Enactus & food delivery update
Student group on campus trying to figure out food delivery from the Market Place. The group has evolved greatly over the past year. This started as a class project and became a viable project. Unfortunately all are seniors and they haven’t found interest in any underclassmen. One difficulty is how to pay without depleting student accounts. A thought was a card that is purchased at the bookmark & a delivery fee would be paid for with this system, and the fee for the food comes out of the student account. Staff and van from the Dining Service would be used in this model which increases the cost to this department. The money raised would go to food shelf or other organizations. There is concern how well food would stay warm with the concept that they would do delivery every 15 minutes & make stops along Ring Road.
Concern posed – is this counter to the values we are promoting, is this something a college this size needs to promote? Maybe a more realistic option– once a month or twice a semester delivery during finals or specific foods/menu as a dorm activity- ?coordinate with Res. Life. Or, would the Nobel Café be able to do this.
Kevin – Nobel Café
Concern for waste stream that will come from this and past disrespect for the separate containers from customers. The footprint is very small so there will be no dishes and all serving plates, etc will be compostable. Could it be shred-able to decrease volume? Would Gustie Ware be feasible? Logistically probably not. There is also no storeroom over there.

Nobel Café Naming contest – Where & how do we get ideas generated. Bookmark is doing a T-Shirt design contest and student body will vote. They advertised on social media, at the register and flyers around campus. Suggestion to involve student groups in Nobel Hall – advertise in classrooms, word of mouth. Could it be announced at the faculty meeting? Would be beneficial to have parameters and have a prize for the winner. Put opening date in the announcement.

Next Meeting – November 10th at 7:00 am


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