November Meeting Minutes

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Kitchen Cabinet
November 14, 2019
Steve Kjellgren, Jeri Miller, Jen Donkin, Brendon Carlson Sather, James Dontje, Peter Maiers, Alan Meier, Bri Jol, Lisa Heldke, Kendra Held, Aviva Meyerhoff, Audrey Ochtrup-Dekeyrel, Mark Hanson, Paul Matzke
Check in from Steve Kjellgren – 1.3 million meals/year served at Gustavus. Where are we coming up short?
Johnson Center
Sustainability interns –
– Kendra Held – Projects include figuring out where are we at with waste reduction and what do we have yet to do, waste education and how to educate students and make them more comfortable with how to sort their waste. She is talking with res life with the compost readiness program to help educate freshmen. Looking at using Kahoot in the cafeteria to help educate and engage students
– Aviva Meyerhof – Working on campus wide outreach and communicating what is compostable and working on Gustavus Eco Fair Mon Nov 18th. There will be booths and presenters to engage with students, faculty and staff. Focusing on waste management and energy and the compost ready program.
– How can KC help? – cooperating with dining service and how we can educate on composting and be part of the experience in the cafeteria and this is supported by President Bergman. Who can do this – coordinate with sustainability interns?
Jim Dontje – For improving sustainability they are starting with recycling and getting buildings more consistent with this and identify a champion in every building and then will bring on composting. One problem we are having is people are bringing in composting in plastic bags from off campus and it becomes a big problem for the system. We can handle 1-2lb compostable bags rather than the large bags that have been dropped off. There have been discussions on how to formalize sustainability in the curriculum. Jim will share what he has put together to help look at what we are missing. Molly in the bookstore has found a way to help collect plastic bags. It is also important that we can educate and communicate with students talking with admissions.
Steve Kjellgren – 75% of institutions outsource the work of feeding students on campus. At Gustavus we look at how we holistically educate students and look outside the box on how to use venues such as the cafeteria to help educate students. We have continued to run our own dining service which helps give us the flexibility to do this.

Environmental Action Committee EAC – Bri Jol
Part of several initiatives – campus clean up was last week and dining service provided food for participants. Members of physical plant and dining service also participated. Looking to offering again in the spring & make more of a campus wide event. 4-5 groups went out and most had pretty full bags of trash. Under the bleachers was where there was a large amount of plastic bottles collected. We need to move mindset of waste management as a service to waste management is everybody’s responsibility.
Film screening “From Paris to Pittsburgh” – looking at everyday individuals and what they are doing and how it is impacting the planet. Also working to help make composting more relatable to people, why should they care, who does it affect. Also what does sustainability mean past just environmental? How do we connect with people past those who are already invested in this?
Student Senate –
Brendon Carlson Sather – Representing student wellbeing on campus related to food and sustainability. Meeting with Jen and Kevin Birr tomorrow to discuss how to make sure students with dietary restrictions can meet their nutritional needs especially on weekends and low hours in the cafeteria, including food allergies, vegetarian diets. In the past dining service has been willing to try new recipes brought in by students and this could be a good conversation to have with these concerns.
Environmental Studies Senior Seminar – Bri, Jim, Rachel Belvedere
Every year there are group projects for the students. More discussion next meeting
Check ins
Jen/Jeri – Send students to Dining Service & Jen if they are having issues or concerns with the meal plan, eating in the cafeteria, etc
Food and culture: D Center
Facilities – Plastic in the composting has been a big problem. Jim suggested taking pictures to help in educating. We have increased the amount of recycling we are taking in but a lot is not recycling. Looking to see how they can be more efficient in their processes. Message needs to be if in doubt through it out to help alleviate this.
Admissions- asked for all events and updates on sustainability be shared with them so they can share with students looking at the campus
Jim – The ala Carte dining is “socially magic” – you don’t have to spend money to come interact with students.
Lisa – As we think about the roles in food in life we want to think about the cultural significance of what we eat is important and where does pleasure fall into this.

Next Meeting: December 9th at 7:00 am


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