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Kitchen Cabinet Meeting
December 6, 2022
Steve Kjellgren, Lisa Heldke, Jen Donkin, Lukas Lennartson, Mark Hansen, Christina Sirbu, Karen Yess,
Tim Born, Molly Yunkers, Danielle Burger, Stephanie Marsh, Anna Deike, Chuck Niederriter, Kari Wallin,
Alan Meier, Jeri Miller
From the corners of campus:
Student Life: Mark Hanson
Question in January – how, when and where can students cook if they wanted to have a gathering or
contest, such as a chili cook off? There are kitchens in the residence halls. The IC has the best kitchen.
The kitchen in Nobel could be used if affiliated with a professor and has a teaching purpose. Dining
service would not need to be involved, but could help if they need items
Lisa has cooking supplies available in a tote
Physical Plant: Tammy Gingles-Baum / Kari Wallin
Working on staffing. Steve Kjellgren is working with a student in the student body petitioning to
eliminate all to go boxes because there is no way to get to zero waste if we continue to have them. The
large to go containers are too large to fit in the compost bins so they just go in the trash. They will
discuss cost/benefit of getting bigger trash cans to fit the boxes vs the cost of Gustie Ware. Also looking
at getting Kirby’s to be able to handle more volume of compost. Also looking to get more of the green
bins and compost bags to have in dorm buildings for students.
Growth has been good, but now need to streamline for physical plant staff.
We are at 43% diversion in 2021 and hope to get to 65% in 2022 (amount of waste not going into the
landfill). We have improved from in the 30% range three years ago

CIE Studentes / Int’l Ed: Christina Sirbu
Religeous side of campus – Islamic and Eastern Orthodox during Easter
Islam at Easter time need to fast from sun up to sun down and have few options – they are looking for
more options. Was suggested to send requests to such as items to add to the grab
and go. Tim is very willing to work with students to learn recipes from their home country.
Christian orthodox – have to eat pure vegan, no oil, no butter and have minimal options. It is 40 days
during the Easter time. Suggestion for cooked tofu to be available. Also direct students to send
suggestions to
May help to start a spreadsheet with times of year and food needs for different student bodies/
religious preferences. How do we share this information? Add information to Q&A section of the Dining
Service website or add to chefs corner in the student newspaper?
There have been activities in the past for Sun Down” per student request but there were few students
who participated.
They are also looking for more evening options after 8 pm due to late classes and activities and
suggestion was made to have more sandwiches available in the courtyard café in the evening.

E/S Students: Lukas Lennartson
Has been sharing the information he has learned in the KC meeting with his peers and has been well
received. How do we get more of the information about these activities on campus out to students?
Add a bulletin board in the cafeteria? – Add the 4 week rotation and information for international
students to cook with Chef Tim?
Admissions: Alan Meier
They plan to utilize the frequently asked questions section of the Dining Service more with admission
and help pull in more first year students into this group.
Was shared by a student that the food isn’t the draw for students as it was in the past – likely pandemic,
supply chain and staffing issue. Admissions does still hear from students who have been here for camps,
etc that they love the food. When students have been here several years they get tired of the food,
which is typical. The try it program was created for this reason to help students try new foods. There is
a new book in the bookmark about students and getting creative with eating on a meal plan. We need
to find more ways to promote new combinations for students to try.
How can admissions help with communicating information from the Dining Service? Last spring there
was a student who worked with Stephanie on social media with the Dining Service using Instagram and
Tik Tok. They tried having students send Caf Creations – only had 3 submissions. Stephanie will talk
with Anna Deike on how to get more students to submit these ideas in January. Also plan to discuss
ways to educate about the cafeteria, for example with plastics. Pulling in students to do the posting vs
coming from staff is better received. Anna is willing to work with students to do some promotion of
items in the cafeteria. Social media is a good avenue to educate students about why we do what we do,
the religious aspect of things and what the cafeteria is doing for students. Christina shared many
students don’t feel dining service/staff care about them.

Marketing: Anna Deike
Meeting with Stephanie in January to help educate around the food using social media. Christian Sirbu
was also invited to this meeting.
Some ideas to educate about – sustainability, how much is scratch cooked. Christina is also involved in
the sustainability committee
Johnson Center and Sustainability Coordinator: Kari Wallin, Chuck Niederriter
Friday 11:30 -1:30 another Try It event – Still working on the menu. Will need volunteers to help, also
have students involved.
The topic will be centered on sustainability. They will do some education on composting and
sustainability on campus.
BookMark: Molly Yunkers
December 26 the Dakota Riders come to Mankato at Reconciliation Park and this is the last year, they
are down to three of the original elders. They are expecting up to 800 people on the day after
Christmas. South Central food recovery is coordinating the food. Steve has offered space to store food.

Looking for funding to help cover cost of paper supplies, etc ($2200). Katie Boone is new to faculty here
and is heavily involved. Local groups are coming together to help serve the meals. Will need help
running food from Gustavus down to Mankato.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 10 th , 2023


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  1. Emily Fletcher says:

    Hi Kitchen Cabinet!

    I love all of your ideas on how to communicate information regarding Kitchen Cabinet & Dining Service to students. I was thinking, what if at tables there were flyers that had recent news regarding the Caf and/or information on how students can be involved? I know it can become very hectic in the main food area as many people are hungry and just trying to get out of there to eat, but at the tables many people chat with friends or do homework, and therefore are more likely to take the time to read an informational poster. I know in the past there have been copies of the Gustavian Weekly set around the Caf and I remember seeing a lot of students reading it while eating breakfast or discussing articles with their friends over lunch. Thus, maybe the same will ring true for Dining Service posters/flyers. I think weekly or biweekly (as in once every two weeks) editions would be the best, as I tend to notice people begin to stop checking stuff if it remains the same for too long, but that’s just my personal opinion. All in all, I hope more students become aware of the options offered by the Caf, not just food-wise, but involvement-wise too.

    Emily Fletcher