November 8, 2022 Kitchen Cabinet Minutes:

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November 8, 2022
Steve Kjellgren, Kevin Birr, Lisa Heldke, Jeri Miller, Jen Donkin, Bob Schlueter, Stephanie Marsh, Mark
Hanson, Karen Yess, Anna Deike, Molly Yunkers, Chuck Niederriter
1) Mission of the Kitchen Cabinet: We’re an advisory committee to the Dining Service whose
charge is to help conceive of and carry out the college’s mission, particularly its educational
mission. Invented 15-18 years ago and thought about over 30 years ago when Steve interviewed
with the college and was introduced to Lisa Heldke. They started talking about who makes
decisions about food and all things Dining Service. Food is the center of people’s lives and we
are a liberal arts college with a mission. We can ask more questions about food, eating, tasting
and put it at the center of the college’s mission.
2) From the director: The more we can do to support the messaging on how good the food is here
the more we can grow
3) Planning our year:
o Try It! Program
 First event Thursday cosponsored by Nobel Conference
 World science day for peace and development this day
o Trying chocolate chirp cookies made with cricket flour
o Thai Spring Rolls
o Curry Chickpeas
 Offer new and different foods for students to try
 Team up with different department/student groups
 11:30-1:30 to help set up, serve and clean up
 Helpers – Karen Yess, Chuck Niederreiter
 Frequency: ?
 Volunteer(s) to coordinate future events?
 Organizations that may be interested in trying an event – doesn’t need to be
food related group
 Johnson Center
 International students / Diversity
 Entrepreneur club

o Ideas:
 Reinvigorate the taste test of water – what do students not like about the water
on campus? What can be done to make it better
 Filtration systems?
 What are the locations / how get samples
 Do the chemistry to see what is different
 We are in dire need for students – how do we get more student workers?
 They can still work for Dining Service even if didn’t get a financial aid
 Shifts can be as little as one hour

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 22 nd


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