They’re Back……and They’re Hungry!! Posted on February 13th, 2009 by

Gustavus students are back on campus in full force and have brought their appetites with them! The Dining Service Staff has been commenting all week about how glad they are to see their Gusties again – those who were away during January and especially, those who have returned from a semester abroad. Their other comment…..jeesh….didn’t anybody feed them while they were away?! They’re eating as fast as we’re cooking!!

Dr. Heldke’s earlier post warned diners to be wary of the Portion Creep! This warning is not to be taken lightly….the Creep’s been spotted all over the MarketPlace this week – leaving a nasty trail of Big Eyes, Small Stomachs, and partially eaten meals.

Throughout the Spring Semester, please watch for Nutrition Awareness research, programs, and campaigns on Campus. The Kitchen Cabinet’s ‘Choices at the Table’ Intern – Kim Braun, A student Marketing Research group, and The Gustavus Health Service Dietician will all be actively working on behalf of Gustie’s nutritional health education and promoting good dining practices and healthy choices. Stay tuned….

On behalf of the Dining Service Staff and Kitchen Cabinet, Welcome to Spring Semester 2009, and as always – send recipe or menu requests/comments to !


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