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Present: Lisa Heldke, Joe Lencioni, Stacey Gerken, Judy Douglass, Sujay Rao, Rebecca Welp, Deborah Downs Meiers, Jim Dontje, Mike Stehlik, Phil Finnochario, Steve Kjellgren

Chief agenda item: “Continuing” the discussion of an ethical decision making framework for the Dining Service. Given the concrete issue currently on the table before us (water bottles), I propose that we simultaneously try to develop a framework for decision making AND address “the water question.”


Phil reported that his activity with the Big and Little Partners about food groups and portion sizes went better than he had expected.

Jim Dontje reported that they are gearing up for a simultaneous energy conservation and RecycleMania.

Judy and Rebecca reported that 12 Days of Wellness is gearing up.

Ethical Decision Making

There was discussion about drafting an ethical decision making framework for dining service purchasing. Lisa proposed that the discussion should focus around thinking about how we make choices and not focus on creating a flow-chart type of document that directs decision making.

Mike Stehlik proposed that decision-making framework should be secondary to a communication plan and thought that if we communicate effectively about the positive choices that may be made, the decision-making for purchasing will naturally mix. Deborah Downs Meiers agreed that Dining Services is too modest and should communicate their successes more effectively.

Deborah Downs Meiers proposed that the Kitchen Cabinet involve one or two floating Dining Services employees. Steve said he would consider it. She said that the support staff, such as those in Dining Services, seem to have a unique and inspiring sense of purpose at Gustavus. Steve said that of all the things he has said to his employees, the thing that has struck a chord in most is when, at the beginning of this year, he gave them all honorary teaching degrees. He has noticed that the staff seems to feel more empowered to engage with the customers.

Judy Douglass proposed that they include a food fact in each Once Upon a Potty along with the URL for the Kitchen Cabinet blog.


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