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Present: Jim Dontje, Judy Douglas, Deborah Downs Miers, Stacy Gerken, Lisa Heldke, Steve Kjellgren, Joe Lencioni

Guest: Hannah Twiton

  • Membership:  Next semester, a number of people will be leaving and others will be returning:
    • Current student members: Chris Hall will be away, but Kim Braun and Jordan Walker will be returning
    • Additional student members: Deborah and Jim will speak to Susan Kranz about joining, as a representative of the Greens. Steve will talk with D-Center students who also work in his area, about joining the committee.
    • Current faculty members: we’re still “down” one or two from last year (attrition plus sabbatical), and Lisa will be on sabbatical the next two semesters.
    • Additional faculty: representative(s) from any of the following departments would be particularly welcome: HES, Communication Studies and Nursing.
  • Vegetarianism on campus: Hannah Twiton was present to interview the committee about the social aspects of vegetarianism on campus. A very free-ranging discussion ensued, exploring vegetarianism as a choice that is now quite easy to make as a Dining Service patron. On the other hand, vegetarianism as a social/political identity, as an interest group topic, is quite invisible.
  • Global Focus: Next year is the global focus on food. What role(s) will the Kitchen Cabinet take on, to ensure that the Dining Service is well utilized in this year? How can the KC facilitate conversations about linking curriculum to Dining Service in meaningful and well-planned ways?

Steve will be convening the Kitchen Cabinet next semester. Watch for announcements from him about meeting times.


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