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Present: Mike S., Joe L., Aaron B., George E., Steve K., Jim D., Judy D., Stacy G., Sujay R., Bob D., Deborah D-M., Rebecca W.,

*Convened at 7:40 am in the Saint Peter Room, those present enjoyed a delicious hot breakfast with fresh fruit and hot and cold drinks.
*Steve began by complimenting Judy Douglas on the 30th anniversary of the Nationally recognized Peer Assistants program that she founded and continues to advise.
*George Elliott was introduced and shared with us current trends and observations on the nutritional front at Gustavus. She is seeing a threefold (?) increase in food allergies and intolerances perhaps as recently as within the past 5 years. Much discussion continued about the differences between food intolerance and food allergy. Of particular note is the increase in Gluten intolerance and persons with Celiac’s disease. Both an immune response to a protein found in many grains – most prominently in wheat. This affliction reportedly will affect 4% of our incoming students in 2010 and will manifest itself in a variety of ways – from a stomach ache, to lethargy, to full blown anaphylaxis… ( )
George is also finding a greater interest in nutritional health by an increasing number of students and feels there is a definite need for additional resources in this area. *Comment was made that a Commission 150 directive in the area of Wellness would likely/hopefully address this.
*The group discussed current and future students with severe allergy and what the college might do to address ‘reasonable accommodation’ for this group and wondered if there may be an ADA protection class designation in the near future.
*Comment on the fact there is inherent ‘personal responsibility’ that must take place in affected individuals – as far as there is capacity on their part.
*Deborah commented that with the college’s Global Focus on Food in 2010-2011, we have an opportunity (Steve thinks perhaps obligation) to bombard students – incoming and existing – with Nutrition Information that might take place within curriculum, within student services, within the halls of our academic buildings and perhaps (thanks Judy) even the walls of the bathroom stalls in our residence halls!
*Recognition was made of the importance of the 1st year allergy survey embedded within the 1st year health questionnaire – actually, is this even enough or should it be embellished?
*Arron spoke of the opportunity to ramp up the Nutrition component of Health Fitness classes.
*Judy suggested (and Steve and the group agreed) the Dining Service should have a greater Web presence as a tool for existing students and as a point of information and resource for prospective students and their concerned families. Steve to make this a summer 2010 project. Also reported – there will be a Gluten Free area in the MarketPlace beginning in 2010-11 where frozen, refrigerated, and shelf stable food items will be displayed/presented for better access by students and other diners.
*Steve reports that (anecdotal) the GustieWare program is 50% more successful this year than in its first year and feels there will be a continuation of this trend in future years.
*Jim D. – Big Hill Farm has been relocated to an area adjacent(West) to the Community Garden accessed by Broadway Ave/Hwy 5. Efforts are in place to develop a simple business plan and to emphasize finances as last year’s inaugural garden proved the gardening team could indeed grow a variety of delicious/nutritious/beautiful/bountiful species of produce!

*Next meeting: May 11 (Tuesday) at 7:30 am in the Saint Peter Room. Steve will be absent and will accept Deborah’s offer to host the meeting – Jim D. and Judy ….can you help with this as well? Certainly discussion may take place, however the film ‘Fresh’ will be shown which runs about an hour long and is well worth the time invested. It speaks to the heart of the existence of the Kitchen Cabinet…..and is a nice precursor for the 2010 Nobel Conference ‘ Making Food Good’.

Respectfully submitted – Steve Kjellgren


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