Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes February 2017

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Kitchen Cabinet
February 13, 2017
Steve Kjellgren, Jeri Miller, Jen Donkin, Michele Rusinko, Alan Meier, Brady Kelley, Jessica Braun, Chuck Niedereriter, Patrick Neri, Erin Baumann, Jim Dontje, Gwen Saliare, Molly Yunkers

Membership list – Review to update members who have graduated/moved on
Greens-Upcoming activities
Gwen & Erin are now co-presidents of Greens. They are working a lot with networking on campus regarding promoting activities to the right groups. They are also talking with facilities & did spring clean up yesterday.
Two groups – one focusing on projects St Peter wants us to do & the other focusing on the Gustavus campus. Their campaign for April is– Earth day is Everyday. They will have tips on how to be green every day such as promoting the green discount. They are looking for input for ideas for small events and people who are interested in joining them. They also would like to have a voluntary meatless Monday and have educational information in the Market Place regarding cost of raising beef, etc
City of St Peter – more so publicity – signage for recycling in city parks & which trees are appropriate for certain areas. Also working with the ecology club at the high school & will help with education day in the elementary schools
There was a suggestion to work with city to get recycling containers back in the parks
Chefs report – organic, vegan, etc
Shari was a supervisor in the Market Place & now moved into role of purchasing manager effective Jan 1. Jake is now part time doing more menu design, catering support as he transitions to retirement.
This spring Jake is redoing the vegan/vegetarian line. We have had a few students come forward this school year with suggestions & requests. Will also increase organic options available.
The survey
Survey results were sent out to KC last week. 328 returned the survey. It was difficult to get students to complete the survey. The survey looks at two scales – Importance & how well we do. The results break it down nicely – Value was the biggest concern. Steve will go through the survey results and put together a summary of next steps.

The Margaret A Cargill Foundation grant
We received the grant that will help with recycling and Gustie Ware bins. There will be a sub group to decide which bins would work best for Gustavus & what can be added on to. Some areas need more than other areas. We also may be moving to a single stream recycling program. Paper has in the past been kept separate, but if not a big cost savings would be worth moving to single stream recycling. Currently dorms are provided one bin and students have to bring it down & sort themselves which doesn’t work as well. Jim & chuck volunteered to help with this as well as Erin/Gwen. Plan to get order placed in the next month.
Some buildings have poor drinking water so students will bring their own bottled water. Question was asked – how can the water be filtered /filter stations be put in? It was recommended to put it in the capital request for budget.
KC Conversations – This week
Erin & Gwen were recommended to talk with Paul about having sustainability as a topic in April.
Paul will put calendar together. March – March Madness recycling mania will return

Big Hill Farm 2017
Jim – This will be second season without returning gardener. He does have leeway to hire a newly graduated senior to work for the summer. Plans to start setting up a committee to oversee the gardeners. Last year physical plant staff was helpful. Question brought up would they be able to be in an advisory role?
Will coke a cola funding be available to help cover student wages?
Solar charging station – could it be used at Big Hill Farm? Can have further conversation
Jim has a local foods class with 9 students & hopefully these students can help get the garden planted in May. Ideal to have harvest come in after Sept 1 but early planting brings harvest in earlier. There are some greens that do well in the fall climate. If student timing doesn’t work could there be a call out for volunteers?
With Nobel 2018 being on soil can we capitalize on that? One hope is to start implementing some soil management techniques before Nobel. Soil quality goes beyond adding fertilizer. There has been talk that if the garden would be in such good shape we could provide tours to groups such as the high school students.
John Lammert retired prof who is active in the Lutheran church weekly meal asked if the Big Hill Farm would have produce to share for their meals.
Presidents Sustainability council
Not officially inaugurated. There is some momentum with the new strategic plan.
Proposed a general idea of membership – need decision making path for sustainability – many decisions cross vice-president lines & makes more difficult to get things done. Need to make sure students are involved. There needs to be some sort of authority in this council or nothing will get done. The recycling issues illustrates this problem. Goal is to get this going as soon as possible. Chuck, Jim & Steve are working on this. Was stalled previously due to changes in personnel. Some projects also require negotiations with the city. The city does have some leeway to support what we do but need to know what it is we want to do.

Molly repurposed some items from the Sears store – now have 8 more fixtures on wheels & are getting more shelving, sign holders.

Nobel 2018
Continue conversation when Lisa H. can join us
Involve International Students in Menu Design
Continue to work on finding students and staff to give input. Question brought up if DLC would be involved, but they work on larger scope rather than small specific projects.
CICE planning kick off new mentoring program next year where each international student will be paired with a domestic senior student. In training students for this the conversation of food they like from home could be part of this.

Looking for summer housing for Petit Lon interns – was suggested chapel view may be an opportunity.


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