Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes October 2017

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Kitchen Cabinet

October 9, 2017

Steve Kjellgren, Paul Matzke, Jessica Braun, Chuck Niederriter, Alan Meier, Gwen Saliares, Lisa Heldke, Jen Donkin, Jeri Miller, Molly Yunkers, Patrick Neri, Garrett Meier, Adam Bogen, Mark Hanson, Jim Dontje

Lisa H- Overview of the KC and Why do we do it anyway?

  • KC was formed 11 years ago as a way to reflect on how Dining Service represents the mission of the college. How does this meet our goal of community and excellence?
  • Focus on what’s important and what matters in decision making has changed over the years – for instance, how far was the food grown from where it is served or worker conditions or use of pesticides, etc.
  • We now need to weigh what is most important to us at this time and against our most current knowledge.

Steve K – Thanks you for caring

  • Dining program evolves as the community becomes more educated and as its palate changes – It is better if we feed people what they want and like to eat and what they CAN eat
  • Waste stream update –
    • Gustavus received a Margaret A Cargill grant and with it purchased new waste containers which are located in Jackson Center, Pittman, Norelius and Sohre
    • Posters will be going out to help visually explain what this is all about and will be placed on old and new containers
    • Facilities have adapted to single stream and we are purchasing far less replacement Gustie Ware which means there may be money left to purchase more bin to expand the program in the future.
  • Bob’s Fire-breathing Chili
    • Muslim students came to student senate with concerns about pork ingredients in Bob’s Fire-breathing chili
    • Steve recommended they talk to Bob or Chef Jake if other concerns such as this come up. All students are encouraged to talk to them as well if there are any concerns or suggestions  or email using the link to Chef Jake on the dining web site.
    • Jeri Miller and Steve do meet with International Students and first year students when invited to explain how the dining service works and who to talk to when there are concerns or suggestions
    • Patrick also suggested spreading this message by word of mouth and Jessica suggested having a poster by the tray carousel with “we want your feedback” and possibly a QR code where they could leave feedback (?anonymously?)
  • Cathy Harms Marketing Management Students
    • Will be doing a project that will dig into satisfiers, dissatisfiers, information delivery systems for student diners and national ranking outcomes.
    • Hope to get better info on what we can do better – currently we are ranked # 27


Jim D – President’s Environmental Sustainability Council

  • Steve Kjellregn, Jim Dontje, and Gwen Saliares are KC members
  • Second meeting is tomorrow
    • Discussing energy conservation
  • Gwen S. and Evelyn are student interns
    • Working on posters to display and writing article for the student paper
  • Information from the group will be added to the Gustavus website


Gustavus Greens – What are you up to?

  • Working on trying microgreens
  • Trying to get aquaponics


Nobel 54 – Soil – WTBHF?  Can the KC help? We’ll get dirty!

  • Topic is Living Soil and the following year is Climate Change
  • Both have active planning committees
  • Hoping to have more hands on activities
    • Have a machinery hill?
    • How can we use our own resources
      • Bill Hill Farm
      • Labs
    • Hope to outreach to area farmers
  • There is now a Nobel planning class that helps design the conference
  • Any interested are welcome to help


Jen D – What’s with those symbols.  What symbols? What’s new with allergies? Are you busy?

  • Over the summer with the help of Billy from GTS added symbols next to food items on the Dining Service website to designate foods that are gluten free, dairy free and heart healthy.
  • These symbols also are on the printed menu located at the entrance to the Market Place
  • Have been busy meeting with students looking for advice on maintaining an allergy free diet when dining in the cafeteria, healthy eating and weight loss.

Alan M – Do prospective students / parents ask about dining options? Environment? How do we stack up?

  • Dining and sustainability expectations are higher all of the time
  • We stack up well compared to other institutions
  • Students like to hear about the hours, choices and variety we have to offer

Other News?

  • Molly Y – Fair Trade Advisor
    • Hope to have something for Fair Trade yet this fall
    • Some orders are back logged due to the recent Hurricanes.

Steve K – Getting harder not easier to buy local, “buy for the right reason”.

  • Mankato Food Hub is closing, Sysco purchased Apperts (used to be able to buy chickens per our specs), Walmart, Whole foods purchased by Amazon.
    • Now bigger entities so harder to feel like we are doing the right thing.
    • Supply chain issues
    • Stay tunes

Farm Tour / Adjourn


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