Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes November 20, 2017

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Kitchen Cabinet
November 20th, 2017
Steve Kjellgren, Paul Matzke, Lisa Heldke, Jen Donkin, Jeri Miller, Molly Yunkers, Patrick Neri, Mark Hanson, Tasnim Lamisa, Jim Dontje
One Minute Report Outs
Update on Nobel Soil – Jim/Lisa
Planning is going well, Jim is working on coalescing on a tight statement on the question of the conference to relay to speakers & give them a good sense of why they were invited & what we want them to talk about
This summer – Academy of faith science and ethics – high school – , Linea symposium will have a soil focus, day of farm/soil tours in coordination with Nicollet county, 7 mile creek watershed district – hope to have farmers/growers attend.
Outreach to all high school FFA and ag teachers
Jim – Studying soil trivia
Nobel – Wednesday night banquet – Plan to have local farmers as speakers
Local farming – MVAC closed food Hub Nov 1.- One family who was involved in the food hub will continue to supply local produce to Gustavus– My Minnesota Farm
Organizational Behavior Group – Studying Satisfaction as outcome/bottom line
Based on student survey from last year – students have uninformed perception of value. Students felt the food wasn’t a great value, wasn’t a quality issue. Question was raised – Would it help to show comparison of prices to other colleges for meals or review student purchases to get an average of what students are paying for meals. Patrick shared as students move through Gustavus they have better perception of what they get for the money. Quality of food and less food waste are also factors.
Organizational behavior students are asking students what causes students dissatisfaction with the food and then Dining Service can use that feedback to help make students more informed. Their job is also to make the business grow through satisfaction
Think Tanks: Margaret A. Cargill Educational Funds – $4K – Compost/Recycle/Gustie Ware
Need to use by May 31.
How do we use to educate campus to recycle & use Gustie Ware
Early February do promotion after students back on campus to promote the Gustie Ware and the recycle bins
Make a fun video to play in the screens in the dining room to promote recycling?
Have someone standing by the recycle bins to orient where everything goes?
Have a speaker come to help promote recycling?

Core Value Word Play: Develop sub words under each core value that can become our acronym
Excellence –
Community –
Justice –
Service –
Faith –
Develop a Dining Service Acronym or slogan

Next Meeting – February 26, 2018 – Presidents Dining Room 7am


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