March 2018 Meeting Minutes

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Kitchen Cabinet

March 19, 2018

Steve Kjellgren, Sarah Mersch, Jen Donkin, Jeri Miller, Kevin Birr, Chuck Niederriter, Molly Yunkers, Lisa Heldke, Jessica Braun, Alan Meier, Mark Hanson, Jim Dontje, Gwen Saliares, Paul Matzke

The Ecstatic Skin Compost Man and Almost Perfect Soil Chapters reviewed – Lisa

Group discussion around the book chapters.  Will do another book review next month

Earth Day preview – April 19th

Had discussed putting a subset of what will be outside on April 22nd and showcase for students.  Jim can bring the electric bike generator.  Paul will reserve the space & tables (2) and at least 1 TV.  Set up 9:30 to be going by 10am. Other suggestions were the energy consumption screens and intelivent data which helps turn down the kitchen hood vents when not in use.  Have some of the clubs promote their organizations? Jim & Chuck will work on food activity using solar cookers.

Outdoors Day in the Arboretum April 22nd – Gwen

Originally planned by president of the fly fishing club.  Will have kids ages 5-14. Being advertised by Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever, MN DNR & MN 4-H.  Need activities for wide range of ages. Had talked about cooking outdoors but did not get further in planning.   One suggestion make smores with solar cookers. Solar cooking has worked well with nachos and hot dogs. In planning looking at snacks, bathrooms & supplies needed.  Groups are able to apply to senate if funds are needed. Each club has to provide funding for their activity.

Trying to put a finger on the best ways to share information –  Paul

Organization behavior class working with Paul on how we get information out.  One suggestion was more information on Facebook, but other groups such as Residential Life don’t use Facebook to communicate.  Instagram seem more the way to go for communication. Charlie will post a fun picture & follow with information and is getting more students viewing & responding to this vs email or Facebook.   Paul will look into setting up an Instagram account & will need suggestions/ideas from the group on what to post. He has also reached out to JJ for guidance.

Another idea is gorilla marketing.  Come up with a few questions and sit down with them in the cafeteria and ask the questions.   Could have a different theme each month.

Suggestion- build in education and help students be responsible members of the community.    Feel there is connection between satisfaction and students getting this information.

Should we utilize the table tents more?  Some studies have found the small 3×5 post cards in the mail are most effective.  

Nobel LV – Lisa

Topic is climate change.


For this year Reading in Common book– Good Food Revolution by Will Allen.  Students will be given a jar & be asked to bring dirt from their home.   They will be displayed at the Nobel conference.

Food reclamation ILS house project – Steve

Project was taking leftovers from food service & distribute to people who needed them.   Res-life didn’t approve the project, there wasn’t enough planning in place. Currently 1x/week we deliver food to MSU Campus Kitchens.    A lot of food is also reused when feasible in the buffet the next day. Suggestion for future is working with church groups that provide meals & shelter to the needy.  

Book Mark

Molly is going to the National Fair Trade Conference in Washington DC due to grants she was awarded.  She is looking forward to bringing back new information to share with the group

Save for next month:

Some very interesting stuff coming out of PESC  – Jim

Nobel Hall Café’/Marketing Student Survey – Steve / Kevin


Next Meeting: Monday April 16 at 7:00 am



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