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December 6, 2022 Kitchen Cabinet Minutes

Kitchen Cabinet MeetingDecember 6, 2022Steve Kjellgren, Lisa Heldke, Jen Donkin, Lukas Lennartson, Mark Hansen, Christina Sirbu, Karen Yess,Tim Born, Molly Yunkers, Danielle Burger, Stephanie Marsh, Anna Deike, Chuck Niederriter, Kari Wallin,Alan Meier, Jeri MillerFrom the corners of campus:Student Life: Mark HansonQuestion in January – how, when and where can students cook if they wanted to […]

November 22, 2022 Kitchen Cabinet Minutes

November 22, 2022 Steve Kjellgren, Tim Born, Jeri Miller, Jen Donkin, Lisa Heldke, Stephanie Marsh, Karen Yess, Anna Deike, Chuck Niederriter, Danielle Burger, Kari Wallin, Lucas Lennartson, Soren Sackreiter From the Director: Last meeting was an energizing start to the school year and looking forward to building on that momentum. The opportunity for us is […]

November 8, 2022 Kitchen Cabinet Minutes:

November 8, 2022Steve Kjellgren, Kevin Birr, Lisa Heldke, Jeri Miller, Jen Donkin, Bob Schlueter, Stephanie Marsh, MarkHanson, Karen Yess, Anna Deike, Molly Yunkers, Chuck Niederriter1) Mission of the Kitchen Cabinet: We’re an advisory committee to the Dining Service whosecharge is to help conceive of and carry out the college’s mission, particularly its educationalmission. Invented 15-18 years […]

February 2022 Kitchen Cabinet Minutes

Kitchen CabinetFebruary 15 th , 2022Steve Kjellgren, Kevin Birr, Lisa Heldke, Tim Born, Jen Donkin Jeri Miller, Karen Yess, Jennifer Warren,Doug Thompson, Kari WallinWhat feels sad about COVID and current dining service– Wages dining service students getting vs other departments– Students frustrated with the dining service hours and lack of food options at 7:30 pm– […]