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Kitchen Cabinet
March 7, 2023
Steve Kjellgren, Jeri Miller, Adam Stewart, Jen Donkin, Lukas Lennartson, Stephanie Marsh, Kari Wallin,
Danielle Burger, Molly Yunkers, Karen Yess, Lisa Heldke, Anna Dieke, Chuck Neiderreiter, Mark Hanson,
Soren Sackreiter, Kathleen Grube
From the director: Steve Kjellgren
Meal plan analytics – negative vs positive accounts, there are often assumptions that all students don’t
use their meal plans or they don’t have enough money in their meal plan
2023-23: 433 negative – 857 positive
2021-22: 399 negative – 975 positive
2020-21: 455 negative – 949 positive (COVID protocols)
2019-20: 495 negative – 1045 positive
On a month to month basis just as many run out of meal plan money as have a surplus, not counting
those being gone for J-term. Food prices are affected by this (if all students used their meal plan
allowance prices would be higher) as well as theft (prices could be lower). Our meal plan cost is $2000
per year lower than St. Olaf. Cost of goods next year could increase 7-30% per the USDA
From the DS Staff
Staffing- Steve: First year students will be assigned to custodial, building services and dining services.
We hope we can turn around the notion we “don’t work”. Students do value their work relationships.
In the latest student satisfaction survey one thing we are missing is a sense of belonging and working
can help with this. Steve plans to talk to families at Gustie Gear Up about the benefits of working on
campus and how important it is in providing balance. Students involved in KC shared how important
work on campus is and how satisfying it is to be able to connect with people and make new friends.
There are jobs on campus that allow them to do things they enjoy and are flexible in hours.
Dietitian – Jen: Has been busy with student housing accommodation meetings. There have been much
fewer students meetings for wellness, healthy eating, etc this year and many more for accommodations.
Jen recently completed a 35 credit course on the low FODMAP diet for managing IBS. Many of the
accommodation requests are related to IBS so this will provide a service to students in helping manage
their digestive issues. Another request has been international students wanting their own kitchen. Jen
with work with the new executive chef, Adam, to offer more items on the menu to help meet their
Dining Service – Jeri: Students have been very pleasant and polite to work with when requesting refund
in the dining account from J-Term compared to years past. Students have been frustrated in the past with being sent from office to office and feel like they are getting the run-around. If all offices would be especially kind and helpful, that may make a big statement for Service and Community to our students.
Chef – Adam Stewart: This is his second week at Gustavus. He grew up in Wisconsin and grandparents
owned a bowling alley with a 300 seat dining room. In high school he started working in a kitchen and
then went to Stout for culinary and hospitality. He went to Scotland for a couple of years to work. He
owns a food truck – Street truck delights. He has worked at colleges in Wisconsin including River Falls
and Madison and at MSU Mankato and most recently worked for a contract company at the Belle Plain
Schools. He is looking forward to the opportunity at Gustavus.
Students: Interest in the water results – March 30 th doing climate teaching in Nobel and will do water
tasting at that time. The goal is to educate there are options other than water out of a plastic bottle and
get people thinking about what they can do about climate change. A suggestion was made to promote
plant based eating even if just once a week. There was some concern about the water in the art
building. They have taken samples but don’t have all of the results back.
Karen Yess: Sampling from students for feedback on Dining Service
– Open later – food is often gone by 7pm
o We have 125-150 student workers vs 300 in past years so not currently able to stay open til
11 pm

– More variety of food lunch vs dinner
– People are nice
– Cashiers over and under charge
– Portions inconsistent – would conversation about this be useful?
– Courtyard & STEAMery very convenient – Have open later?
– More desserts
– Love Gyro Friday
Gabe and Allie – New co-presidents of Student senate. Steve reached out to them wanting to have
them more involved with Kitchen Cabinet. Would the portion/cost concern be a good topic for them?
Posters are one of the better ways to get information to students
– Promote working in the Market Place
– Promote how to share feedback – through Kitchen Cabinet or Chef@gustavus
– Open forum for feedback on Dining Service?
Try It! – Suggestion to have item also for sale in the Market Place, Next Try It! March 23
Have students involved to help pull more students in
March – Career Center – First years often not aware of this department & can introduce the new
staff members
– Food could be two items that are favorites of Staff – Lukas L. works there and will talk
to staff for input
Next Meeting: April 11th at 7:00 am


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