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Kitchen Cabinet Minutes February 17 2014   Present: Jess Burggraf, Jim Dontje, Margo Druschell, George Elliot, Mark Hanson, Rebecca Hare, Lisa Heldke, Steve Kjellgren, Meghan Krause, Charlie Potts, Laura Shilling, Jeff Stocco, Rebecca Welp [missing?]   Welcome and introduction: Meghan Krause, Wellness Director. Meghan discussed the fact that this new initiative—her position—is being met with […]

November 2013 Minutes

Kitchen Cabinet November 4, 2013   Present: Rebecca Hare, Jeff Stocco, Jim Dontje, Steve Kjellgren, Lisa Heldke, Margo Druschell, Paul Matzke, George Elliott,Jessica Burggraf   Student Senate Health and Housing Committee had questions and comments for the Dining Service. The following items were discussed at the meeting.   Discussion topic #1: Representation of dining fee […]

The composter cometh!

Jim Dontje reports that construction on our new composter has begun! Let the decomposition begin!

Kitchen Cabinet Minutes November 2012

Kitchen Cabinet November 12, 2012   Present: Paul Matzke, Lisa Heldke, Steve Kjellgren, Jim Dontje, Margo Druschell, Rebecca Hare, Saskia Raether, Mark Hanson, Steve Bennett, Semyon Rozin,  Judy Douglas, Michael Morimoto, George Elliott   Cross Country Team won the Conference! They are going to Nationals in Indiana. Congratulations! 1. Welcome Back Steve! It is great […]

KC Minutes October 2012

Kitchen Cabinet October 15, 2012 Present: Rebecca Hare, Saskia Raether (The Greens), Jeff Stocco, Jim Dontje, Lisa Hedlke, Paul Matzke, Judy Douglas, Steve Bennett, Mark Hanson, Semyon Rozin (PA), George Elliott   Compost Project. Jim reported on the compost project. Proposals were submitted and more discussion and meetings came about right before Nobel. Jim shared […]

Kitchen Cabinet minutes September 2012

Kitchen Cabinet September 17, 2012   Present: Mark Hanson, Margo Druschel, Semyon Rozin(PA), Rebecca Hare(Greens), Erin Traxler(Student Senate,Health and Housing) Judy Douglas, Jim Dontje, Paul Matzke, Lisa Heldke, Steve Bennett, George Elliott    Welcome old and new members. What is the Kitchen Cabinet. Lisa reviewed the history of the Kitchen Cabinet, its inception, the role […]

The one minute philosopher: Ray Boisvert on food and philosophy

Here’s one minute (literally) on the role of food in the history of western philosophy, by Ray Boisvert, philosopher at Siena College.

MarketPlace Specials on Thursday: Bartoshuk and Nestle

Check out how the MarketPlace creative team has turned the research of Marion Nestle and Linda Bartoshuk into entrees!

What Would Bina Agarwal Eat?

An Agarwal-inspired menu in the MarketPlace.

Friedman-inspired fare also on offer in the MarketPlace today!

Check out the Nobel Blog to learn how Jeffrey Friedman inspired one of today’s dishes in the MarketPlace!