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Kitchen Cabinet Minutes: 3-1-2010

Present: Joe L., Mike S., Aaron B., Sujay R., Steve K., Judy D., Jim D., Susan K., Sara B., Stacy G., Bob Douglas, and Deborah D.M. Over a breakfast of fruit, lemon cream pancakes, fresh raspberry syrup, bacon, and caramel bran muffins, the group introduced themselves and the particulars of their involvement on the most […]

Ode (walla) to sugar: is 52 grams really so much?

(Second in a series) Our story so far: We were looking at a bottle of juice, remember? The bottle of real, honest-to-goodness, 100% juice, no added sugar. The one with “only” 52 grams of naturally occurring sugar in it. What’s the big deal about 52 grams (a.k.a. 12 teaspoons) of sugar?  That’s a good question. […]

Who’d Walla drink all that sugar?

(First in a sugary series) When’s the last time you sat down to a bowl of 12 or 13 teaspoons of sugar? (Translation: just over a quarter cup of sugar. Translation: 52 grams of sugar. Translation: one-eighth of a pound of sugar. Translation: thirteen sugar cubes. Translation: a whole lotta grittiness in your mouth.) The […]

The Food!

A great look at the what, why, where, and how!! http://gustavus.edu/video/admission/campuslife/food.php

The Princeton Review Top 20 List

Once again Gustavus has been ranked nationally in the ‘Best On-Campus Food’ category. This year’s placement is #8 and marks the second consecutive top 10 finish! Particularly gratifying is the fact that the Princeton rankings arise from student supplied data – the very best and most honest source of critical feedback. Thank you Gusties – […]

FDA Recall: Pistachio Nuts

The FDA has announced a recall of Pistachio nuts due to contamination with multiple strains of Salmonella. Though none of the items named in the FDA announcement (attached) are currently used on campus, the Dining Service is pro actively taking any food items containing pistachio nuts and packages of trail mix that contain pistachio nuts […]

White House Garden

Michael Pollan, Alice Waters and many others have been calling for it, and now it is official.  The Obamas have released plans for their White House Vegetable Garden (via thefoodtimes).

March is National Nutrition Month

Nutrition is so important in our lives it does not get just one day to be recognized like Valentine’s Day, but a whole month. As a dietitian, I wish every day was “treat my body right and feed it what it needs,” thus celebrating nutrition every day of the year. The basics are nothing we all […]

Multivitamins don’t work

According to a short article in The Week, taking daily multivitamins is a waste of money. In an enormous study involving more than 160,000 women over a period of eight years, researchers found that multivitamins do absolutely nothing to prevent cancer or heart disease or increase people’s longevity. More than half of all Americans take […]

How ’bout some mercury with your soft drink?

High fructose corn syrup, the sweetener found in–well…maybe it’s easier to list the things it’s NOT found in these days–is being found to contain MERCURY, a known neurotoxin. Read more here. Hmmm. Mercury. Does this mean that if I drink enough Coke, I’ll be able to take my own temperature?