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Meeting Minutes – April 21, 2009

Present: Kimberly Braun, Jim Dontje, Stacey Gerken, Lisa Heldke, Steve Kjellgren, Joe Lencioni, Sujay Rao, Jordan Walker, Rebecca Welp Reports Dining Service Director Steve reported that Bruce Johnson’s market research classes have been conducting two different nutrition surveys with students. One survey focuses on what students know; the other on what students do. It will […]

Help Wanted

Did you know that the Kitchen Cabinet/Dining Service has a paid internship that can be undertaken for credit? Yep, that’s right. It’s called “Choices at the Table” and you can read all about it here. Note that for the next two semesters, we hope to continue a focus on nutrition choices that we’ve begun this […]

Gustieware: it’s famous!

An article in College Planning and Management discusses the Gustieware program as an example of “environmentally conscious changes on campus.” Now, if only we could implant those homing devices in the things….

Consider the Bag!!

A short movie from our friends at Free Range Studios.

GustieWare Facts

As we approach the end of the academic year, I thought it might be good to get some facts up about GustieWare–our reusable take out containers. Gustavus serves about 5,500 meals per day in our MarketPlace with roughly 25% of them in the form of take out. Disposable take out box (corrugated cardboard) consumption at […]

Meeting Minutes – March 31, 2009

Present: – Lauren, Deborah, Stacy, Sujay, Kim, Eliza, Judy, Jordan (Walker) (from the Greens), Jim, (and someone I’m sure to have inadvertently forgotten)….and Steve. Steve welcomed all to a breakfast menu specifically chosen for Lisa who was unable to join us and is suffering miserably with the Viking Virus/s.  We all wished her well and […]

FDA Recall: Pistachio Nuts

The FDA has announced a recall of Pistachio nuts due to contamination with multiple strains of Salmonella. Though none of the items named in the FDA announcement (attached) are currently used on campus, the Dining Service is pro actively taking any food items containing pistachio nuts and packages of trail mix that contain pistachio nuts […]