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Kitchen Cabinet
February 25, 2011 Minutes
(including an I-didn’t-get-it-in-time report from Health Service)

Present: Steve Kjellgren, George Elliott, Jim Dontje, Chris Hall, Bob Douglas, Lisa Heldke, Joe Lencioni

Director’s report:
• Steve reported no huge concerns, other than “where do we get fresh tomatoes?” He described the kinds of educational approach the DS takes, when a commonly-visible foodstuff just isn’t available.
• He continues to work on how can we make compost a viable option. The president’s on board with it; how can we make it happen?
o Jim noted that the city is doing some preliminary exploration, so the two groups should continue to talk with each other.
• He had an initial meeting with Big Hill farmers: they’ll be talking about what types and sizes of produce to grow this year, how to time things, and other factors that will make their efforts pay off in all senses of the word. He is also coordinating with other local farmers to make sure stuff is coming in a steady-ish stream.
o Lisa wondered aloud whether there might be a computer project for one of our classes, in devising some kind of system that would enable growers to communicate with each other and with Steve about scheduling, etc. She will contact Max Hailperin. Jim suggested that a phone app might be the thing to develop.
• George is continuing to talk on nutritional analysis of DS offerings—a two year project. They will post information as it becomes available. Some foods will be experiencing some “behavior mod” to get some of their numbers in line. (Sodium and fat are two targets of some modification.)

Other reports
• Chris discussed the advertising campaign underway for the visit of nutrition speaker Deanna Latson. There’s been considerable interest from the Greek community and from athletes. Chris highlighted the breakout session to be held after the lecture. The focus of the discussion will be to identify one goal that those assembled would like to accomplish vis a vis the DS. Also: how can students become involved in and support the educational mission of the DS?
• Committee members discussed the discussion surrounding Deanna’s talk: what were the concerns about her? What were the concerns about the way the PAs presented this event to the community?
o Chris noted that the PAs had learned a great deal about hosting an event, through this process.
o Lisa suggested the idea of KC hosting a community forum on the topic of choice making—specifically, how and when is it appropriate for the DS to make choices available and leave students in the position of having to decide for themselves? When is it appropriate for the DS to decide that certain choices will not be available to students? Jim noted that this would go along well with research that shows the importance of developing skills in self monitoring.

Johnson Center:
• Jim reports that there are 14 students in the garden class. They are working on group projects, including organizing a conversation with local farmers after the talk by Fred Kirschenmann on March 11. The aim will be for students to develop relationships with successful local farmers. Goals include: get the garden planted, work on long term planning for the garden, learn about gardening.
• The Johnson Center is hosting two speakers talking about clean energy on April 19. They are available for classes.

Global Insight:
• Steve discussed upcoming events (including the lecture by Fred Kirschenmann). The group discussed the challenges of this program, as well as the promise; how can it become a more fully integrated piece of the college’s life? Fortunately, this is not our question to answer, since the spotlight will be off us next year, and will move on to the polar regions.

Good Food For All:
• Steve, Bob and Lisa described their experiences at the event, and the results of the follow-up meeting. The conversation focused on the question “how do we more fully harness the energy, enthusiasm and empathy that these young people obviously manifested?”

Health Service:
• Rebecca was unable to attend at the last minute, but sent the following report: “March is National Nutrition Month. We will be changing out our “theme” in the office to healthy tips. We will also be sending every student a nutrition quiz in their PO. When returned (in March) they will get a prize as well as some additional nutrition facts.”


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