January 2013 Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes

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Kitchen Cabinet
January 7, 2013

Present: Jim Dontje, Jeff Stocco, Judy Douglas, Paul Matzke, Steve Kjellgren, Steve Bennett, Samantha Broeckert, George Elliott

Introduction of Intern for J-term. Samantha Broeckert will be working with Steve Bennett for the month of January. She will be helping us with Good Food for Busy Gusties and the Wellness Initiative.

Coco-Cola Grant. Coco-Cola grant pages are up and out. Steve has received three notifications of people that are putting information together. One person has successfully completed the application process. GTS has been extremely helpful in getting the paperwork on line together and it is slick and easy to use. The committee will make the decision as to when meet as the deadline is January 15, and the committee wants to use their time wisely. Judy also discussed providing feedback in general and Steve discussed connecting with other opportunities people if their grant is not chosen and Jim seconded the idea. It was also discussed that we be cautious on how we make decisions and that we be very clear and transparent in our decision making process. The subcommittee is the decision maker, Kitchen Cabinet is not. Judy also suggested having a reception for the winners and inviting all that applied. It then becomes a learning process, people would be able to connect and grant receivers are held more accountable.
Global Focus. Discussed Global focus and how we tied it in with food. That program is no longer in existence.

Super Food of the Month and Good Food for Busy Gusties. Judy brought up the idea of using the St. Peter Eats Program and highlighting the super food of the month. The super food can be highlighted in The Market Place, The Hill, the residences halls (there is already a plan in place by Health Service to make that happen) and other locations around campus. Steve discussed Good Food for Busy Gusties program that took place in December. Logistics were reviewed and the consensus is our big kitchen space is well, too big. The noise level and even being able to cook with 12 people huddled around 2 burners was not the best use of the space. It was suggested to use the International Center kitchen and to run the program again in January. Steve talked about the well-being aspect is underscored at this point. How do we get it going, how do we sustain it until we have some great kitchen space (which was talked about when Nobel is renovated). Judy talked about making it consistent, can it be on the same day once a month, etc. At present it was decided to trial the program again over J-term, January 23 from 6-8 pm in the International Center kitchen.

The Composter. Jim talked about the composter and discussed location and operations. He is hoping to have it up and running by April or May. It is inside city limits and in regards to sustainability the electricity will be minimal and the labor will be minimal and will be absorbed by what is being recycled. Steve talked about the signage that could go into the Community Garden, Big Hill Farm and the composter as an educational opportunity and learning perspective.


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