April 2016 Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes:

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Kitchen Cabinet
April 18, 2016

Abby Nistler, Hayley Nemmers, Kaitlyn Bicek, Brady Kelley, Chuck Niederriter, Patrick Neri, Erin Baumann, Gwen Saliares, Danny Pavek, Audi Dickey, James Dontje, Steve Kjellgren, Lisa Heldke, Margo Druschel, George Elliott, Paul Matzke, Molly Yunkers

The Greens will have a lot going on celebrating Earth Week. The following activities are scheduled: Picnic, hosting a henna and tattoo tea and craft event, Earth hour bonfire on Thursday, participating in the Sustainability Fair, Divest Fest and a Green house tour where there will be food offered.

Fair Trade
Fair Trade received the MNCC President’s Award for Civic Engagement on April 7, 2016 at Macalester College. May 14 is World Fair Trade Day and it will be celebrated on campus on Friday, May 13 with all good things that are Fair Trade being displayed as well as the really cool bags made out of old banners from the BookMark. The bags will be for sale as a fundraiser to support other worthy organizations and efforts.

MAYDAY Peace Conference
Chuck reminded us of the upcoming MAYDAY Peace Conference. The topic is Divestment and Reinvestment: Making Money Count.

Jim noted there will be two openings for sustainability interns for next year.

Coke Grant Recipients
Mark your calendars for Friday, May 13 at 2:30 pm in the Heritage Banquet Room. At that time the recipients will be recognized and will offer a few words on their projects.
SAVE also noted the bikes are being used and there is a survey that will be out as well as this is a pilot project and a Coke Grant recipient.

Kitchen Cabinet Conversation
This Wednesday the fun continues with Kitchen Cabinet conversations in the dining hall. Participation and feedback on how these conversations have gone this year is appreciated.

Strategic Action Plan
The Kitchen Cabinet broke in to 4 different groups and discussed how KC and Dining Service can intersect with the Strategic Action Plan. Group discussion and notes were provided. Lisa encouraged the students present to give ideas to the chairs of the committee as they are looking for student feedback.


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