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Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes April 16, 2018

Kitchen Cabinet April 16, 2018 Steve Kjellgren, Sarah Mersch, Jen Donkin, Rafael Soriano Campos, Bri Jol, Gwen Saliares, Paul Matzke, Jim Dontje, Alan Meier, Lisa Heldke, Molly Yunkers, Chuck Niederriter, Jessica Braun, Jeri Miller, Kevin Birr Campus Kitchens at Gustavus? – Rafael Soriano Looking at using food that may need to be disposed of due […]

March 2018 Meeting Minutes

Kitchen Cabinet March 19, 2018 Steve Kjellgren, Sarah Mersch, Jen Donkin, Jeri Miller, Kevin Birr, Chuck Niederriter, Molly Yunkers, Lisa Heldke, Jessica Braun, Alan Meier, Mark Hanson, Jim Dontje, Gwen Saliares, Paul Matzke The Ecstatic Skin Compost Man and Almost Perfect Soil Chapters reviewed – Lisa Group discussion around the book chapters.  Will do another […]

February 2018 Meeting Minuets

Kitchen Cabinet February 26th, 2018 Steve Kjellgren, Sarah Mersch, Gwen Saliares, Kevin Birr, Jen Donkin, Jeri Miller, Alan Meier, Chuck Niederriter, Lisa Heldke, Mark Hanson, Jessica Braun, Jim Dontje Round table – Introductions of new members Presidents Environmental Sustainability Council (PESC) – Jim D PESC representatives – Steve, Jeri, Jim, Gwen & others meet monthly […]

Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Minutes November 20, 2017

Kitchen Cabinet November 20th, 2017 Steve Kjellgren, Paul Matzke, Lisa Heldke, Jen Donkin, Jeri Miller, Molly Yunkers, Patrick Neri, Mark Hanson, Tasnim Lamisa, Jim Dontje One Minute Report Outs Update on Nobel Soil – Jim/Lisa Planning is going well, Jim is working on coalescing on a tight statement on the question of the conference to […]